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Emily Ratajkowski is accused of copying wholesale swimwear swimwear brand Lisa Marie Fernandez.

Fashion Reporter, Fernandz sent out a stop-and-stop actress and model to follow the launch of her new swimwear business, the mistress. The document focuses on two Ratajkowski designs – one over shoulder bikini and strapless swimsuit with a knot detail – Fernandez claimed to show her that Leandra and Triple Poppy styles are very similar, all launched three years ago of.

Although there is little copyright law in the United States, actresses do sell internationally to Europe. With that in mind, Fernandez cited two EU community design certificates she registered in May 2015, which wholesale swimwear provided products that were imported, exported, or processed within the EU for design until 2020, after which she could Apply to expand the registration.

“Because of technology, we really entered the era of accountability in many ways,” Fernandez said he noticed Instagram’s design was similar.

Fernandez’s design is a celebrity in the fashion industry, also very popular fans wholesale swimwear include Sienna Miller and Kendall Jenna. The brand gave the mistress a reply until her letter on November 22 before it started legal proceedings.