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Guess that the range of swimming suits and underwear is 2017 in the summer

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Guess the summer 2017 swimming suits and underwear.

Guess the swimming suits and underwear recently launched a guess at the summer 17 events at V and A seashore, Cape Town. Guess the girl, Liz Turner’s vivid character. Rachael Mortenson and Natalia Barulich are wearing the fashionable underwear and swimming suits style. They have a symbolic guessing advertising campaign. Art director Paul Marciano, guess the chief creative officer? The company, through the photographer shot, I E gene Claire.

The sun is bathed in the warmth of natural light, and girls are both sensual and sexy.

The key swimwear works collected in summer highlight the whole amazing movement, mainly from vivid blue, charred orange, bubble gum pink, and classic black and white tone palette.

Halter tops with a tie bottom side of bare skin proper arranged in a crisscross pattern, and design of tight Jumpsuit of modern lace collar, embrace every curve.

The tropical flower with triangular bikini blooming is the head rotation mode, which is completely synopsis with any string bikini or multiple bikini beach found on your wardrobe.

Spring underwear makes no effort to gather every woman’s stuff.

Sexy lace push up bra, romantic match, lace bottom to curve extreme flattery, and logo leopard bra and panties make perfect and smart underwear make her feel good all day.

The iconic swimming suits runway lineup is a watershed moment

Here are some of the things that the audience can see the swimming suits runway: false tanned, toned limbs, Camilla caftans.

And some of them not: stomachs, burns and even strange scars.

Last night, on the eve of the summer, the biggest online fashion wardrobe in Australia and New Zealand, marked by a sensation in Sydney port.

Therefore, when online retailers show some very realistic (size 12 and above) models in the swimsuit parade on Thursday, the diversity of the runway instruments has been improved.

Because let’s face it, the traditional swimming suits and fat have no friends on the runway.

But consumers and critics are beginning to ask for it. We only need to look at the secret of Victoria, this is the day before in Shanghai, then broadcast to millions of Americans shooting, see what happens when the female beautiful curve (i.e. customer layer) omitted these events as they do not exist (hint: angry, very angry).

In general, 2017 is a year of better diversity in Australian runways. In August, David Jones’s parade showed the models of more than 40 and more than 60 years old. In September, the fashion week in Melbourne was the most rich model in 23 years, including model 12 as one of its ambassadors.

People can reasonably argue that the iconic performance — held at the first floating fashion show in the world of Sydney port — is a watershed (punning), fashionable and wobble.

And such brand signs, showing a broad lineup that makes a good business sense, Marelie Osthus says, who is responsible for all the companies purchased.

“We want to show the diversity of our customers… We have to serve everyone, and everyone should have the opportunity to express their best, “she said. We want to show different sizes, different backgrounds, and different ages.

Ms. Osthus said that the iconic anger would not represent its customers on the runway.

“If you only see (traditional) model pictures, you don’t really understand that our customers can better connect if they see the diversity. It’s natural for us. ”

Patreece Botheras, an active duskii swimming suits label, says her brand customers range from 16 to 50 years old.

“I’m glad to see the variety on the runway. It’s not so much. People start to get it, “she said. These are ordinary women, and that’s what we need. So big people want to look at people like them. They don’t want to see a tall little girl, when they are not like that. ”

Bathing suits are ranked only in a gynaecologist to many women, Ms. Osthus says, the landmark mission is to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

“It’s more comfortable than in a department store, because you can try anything at home. Whatever is not suitable for you can be sent back,” she said.

This logo also eliminates the speculation of size, which makes the difference between brands very large, allowing customers to input their measurement data to get accurate recommendation.