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The Most Popular Nail Styles Suitable for Summer This Year

Summer is that season for elegant nail art. It would be best if you celebrated the holidays in style. There are countless options for nail art designs that are the most popular this year. We understand how difficult it can be to choose what direction you would want with your nails. We have rounded up with five different popular nail styles suitable for summer this year. 1. Extended French Manicure To achieve a classic nail polish look, choose a French manicure. Perfect for smooth, concise, and stylish finishes that can be added to any outfit. For any special occasion or […]

How To Make Short Pants Look Classy

Meta Description: Shorts CAN look classy! Stylists and designers have proven this on the runway as well as on the streets. Now, here are their expert tips on how you can make your denim shorts be a part of a chic and elegant ensemble. 1. Trench Coat It Up A trench coat is the easiest way to class up a pair of shorts. Its long, flowy appearance will instantly add that luxuriously posh style that will raise the level of a shorts-outfit to fashion-worthy. If you want to really push it, wear a button-up top for an “I’m-serious-when-I-have-to-be” look. If not, […]

How to Effectively Improve Dark Circles

Dark circles are popular in both men and women, under the lower eyelids. Sometimes they are accompanied by bags which make you look older. The dark circles are most commonly found in elders, those with a genetic predisposition, and those with pigmentation irregularities. They are challenging to get rid of them permanently. Nevertheless, here are effective ways to improve dark circles. 1. Use of Cucumbers Cucumbers have skin-lightening and mild astringent properties. You can use them in sliced-form to fix raccoon eyes naturally. This method will work effectively if applied twice a day. Chop the cucumber into thick slices and […]

The Right Skirts For Thick Girls

Meta Description: Thick girls have curvaceous bodies that are heavy in a few more areas than others’. Here are some tips on what to look for the next time you go on a skirt-shopping spree, in accordance with your gorgeous body type. 1. An Apple A Day… Apple-shaped ladies usually have quite the round midsection. Hence, contrary to popular belief that the tighter the dress, the more appealing it is— it may not be the case this time around. Instead, wear something comfortable (but not too loose), trumpet skirts or ones that are semi-empire will give your waistline a better look. […]

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You Cannot Miss These High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts

Shapewear will make you look sleeker and slimmer in work clothes, cocktail dress, a T-shirt, and jeans. It will surprise you if you have not tried it before. A trial will convince you as it will give you a quick body reshape. Once you get and wear it rightly, it will be comfortable in your body and makes you look great. It can be slimming and ultra, and it comes in different styles. Full bodysuit What bodysuit does is to reduce your hips and flatten your chest and tummy such as best shapewear shorts. The new style of design is capable […]

How To Choose The Perfect Pair Of Stockings

Meta Description: To stockings or not to stockings. The crossroads every woman is faced with. A little bit over dramatic but we all have to admit, it’s quite the dilemma. Many are unsure of how to go about it. There’s a saying that “nude” is more than a single color. Well then, to help you out, here’s a shortlist of how you can choose the right stockings conveniently. Whip It Out In this context, what we mean is that you shouldn’t rely on what the box or pack says its color is. Neutral, dark, medium, whichever tone may be indicated on […]

This Year’s Most Popular Hair Colors

Meta Description: This year is about spreading your arms wide open for the “new”. New trends, new hairdos, a new you! For today’s most popular hair colors, here’s a list of hairstylist experts-verified hair tones you can easily choose for your locks.   1. Glossy, Dark Brown Hair Perhaps this doesn’t strike you as “wow”. Well, it actually is a favorite for 2020. Dark brown, and not just dark but super glossy, is hair that’s a must-have, especially for those who lean more towards the darker shades when it comes to coloring.   Glossy strands are healthy-looking strands, and thus are […]

5 Best Choice to Buy Plus Size Lingerie

Lingerie is one of the most important items for the women because it not only offers them needed support to their body but also makes them look outstanding. The best thing about the lingerie is that it is usually made of breathable fabric that makes it perfect to wear beneath the clothes without any problem. You can find a number of patterns and designs in the market if you are looking forward to upgrading your wardrobe with some new fashion lingerie. Moreover, if you are facing any problem in finding plus size lingerie in your nearby market, you can also […]

Natural Skin Whiteners For This Summer

Meta Description: Having flawlessly fair skin is achievable even without the use of artificial, chemical-induced products. It’s uber possible, girls! So long as you follow these tips religiously, of course. Here are natural skin whiteners you can totally prepare DIY at home. Lemon It Up Lemon is packed with vitamin C and can balance out pigmentation on the skin. With this, it can lighten as well as protect against free radicals that will, later on, cause darker, uneven skin tone.   Simply squeeze up this fruit in a bowl and use cotton balls or a cotton pad, soak it up, and […]

Finding Your Fashion Style With A Bang

The question goes usually like this, “How can I find my own style and still be chic?” And many, if not all of us, have asked ourselves this in more ways than most, and in many other words. The secret is that there’s no… secret. It’s about what you want to wear and how you feel when you wear it. That said, here are some tips on how to go about finding your fashion style!    Your Body Type Is The Perfect, And Only Model What with the advent of social media, it’s so easy to fall into the trap […]