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It is finally that time of the year, time of the year when you throw on a super warm and cozy coat. Sip your pumpkin spice latte and go shopping for Christmas presents. Who doesn’t like that time of the year? Feelingirldress official certainly does! In order for you to like it more we decided to help you out with some purchases. To be precise we want you to find some clothing that will absolutely make you look and feel amazing. For start let us talk about winter coats. If you want to find a perfect coat we have such a […]

Is Cerave Really Easy to Use About The Hottest Product of This Brand

The cerae product line is not complicated. It seems that there are no more than 15 models. They mainly include: cleansing, lotion, cream, enhanced day lotion and night lotion, sunscreen, etc., focusing on skin health and building skin barriers, adding ceramide, Repair and strengthen the skin barrier. CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion The main ingredients are ceramide + cholesterol + hyaluronic acid, simulating the sebum film formula. Moisturizing and repairing the skin barrier for a whole day, fragrance-free pigment alcohol mineral oil. It’s really large, and the whole family can use it together. CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion (PM, Night) PM has one […]

The High-End Face Highlighter for A Perfect Makeup Look

Winter is a season of festivals. There is Christmas eve, new year celebrations, wedding season, and casual occasions. Every girl wants to look beautiful and glowing at special events and functions. Glowing skin makes you appear more attractive and outstanding in the crowd. Highlighters do the best job when it comes to glowing skin. Highlighter makes your skin glow and shine with just a little application. There exist numerous brands, shades, sizes of highlighters that can give just to your makeup look. Here is a list of high-end brand highlighters that significantly affect your skin and make your skin glowing. […]

Women Jacket: The Best Choice for the Workplace

And when combined with a T-shirt or converse, a good jacket makes you look put together. You will possibly need to wear a jacket five days a week if your workplace needs official wear. Why not make it fun, then? Jackets are a timeless trend, and shortly they will not go out of trend. You can wear it as a suit or mix and match your outfit. Here are five jackets that can take you a whole week to work. 1. Leather moto jacket Pair your animal print dress with a leather jacket and over-the-knee boots. A leather jacket makes all […]

Recommend Several Bracelets, Show the Temperament!

Bracelets are some of the least accessories that people tend to overlook. In reality, bracelets can also help enhance the look you’re going for. These can also show what kind of personality you have based on your bracelet choices. Here are some of the best bracelets you can wear to show your best qualities as a person: 1. Charming in Charms Charms are definitely a great way to show your personality. There are many shops you can get a variety of charms depending on what you’d like to present. You can get a heart to represent that you`re a loving […]

White Jacket: An Essential Outfit for Boys

With white jackets, there is still a striking figure. There’s the confidence that comes with boys in a white jacket, regardless of how you take it. Pulling this statement piece off, however, is no mean feat. Any boy who sported a white reveals a lot of swagger hell. It doesn’t take a lot of trust for the soft-hearted. This is how you can rock your white jacket like a pro. White jacket with jeans Wear hum-drum jeans with a white jacket and a shirt. Go for a smart-casual look by wearing an acceptable outfit for drinks and dinner with blue-wash […]

Cartoon Socks, Who Wears Who Is Cute!

Cartoon Socks, Who Wears Who Is Cute! Nowadays people are not just investing their money for fashionable dresses! They’re also working in styling and pairing their socks with their outfits. Honestly, there are lots of cute socks out there and we all know that socks are important because it absorbs sweat and helps to evaporate it. So instead of plain socks, people prefer cartoon socks for fashion and style. Here is list of cute socks best for you. 1.  Thumbs Up Crew Socks This sock is not all about cuteness but also comfort because it is made of cotton, nylon […]

Autumn Girls’ Short Skirts Can Be Matched Like This!

It has been quite chilly the past few days hence a lot of us tend to cover up as much as we can to keep us warm. You`ve probably been missing the comfort of wearing skirts but did you know that there`s a lot of ways you can still wear skirts during this season? You don`t have to compromise style for comfort when you can have both. Here are some of the best ways you can match a short skirt with your fall clothes: Shine Bright Metallic clothing pieces are trendy this year. You can choose a metallic silver mini […]

Glow Up Your Wardrobe with Feelingirldress

We want to empress others while expressing ourselves through our clothes. Everyone wants to look refreshing, elegant, and stylish through all the dresses we’re wearing each day.  That is surely a must since we want to be presentable all the time. But what if you have some tummy fats and unwanted love handles? That’s simple, there are shapewear, bodysuits and waist trainers that can help you trim them down. With balance diet and exercise you’ll be guaranteed to have the best body figure ever! Try and view Feelingirldress now! 1.  Adjustable Straps Fat Burning This plus size shapewear bodysuit will help you cover […]

A Collection of 4 Estee Lauder Eye Creams, Are You Using The Right Ones?

Among the many eye cream brands, Estee Lauder is a brand that many girls prefer. This is a more comprehensive skin care brand. Different eye creams are suitable for different ages. Today I will give you a comprehensive introduction to Estee Lauder’s eye cream! Section 1: Nutritious Active-Tremella Hydra Fortifying Eye Balm Suitable age: 18-25 years old The Nutritious Active-Tremella series of skin care products are specially designed for young girls. This Qinshui eye cream focuses on basic moisturizing and hydrating effects, which can relieve the dryness of the eye skin and relax the skin condition of the eye. Mainly […]