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2021 Popular White Shoes Buying Guide

The all-match fashion item in the closet is indispensable for the white shoes. Whether it is daily office or entertainment, almost all occasions can come up with all-purpose white shoes. Since 7 or 8 years ago, I have been buying white shoes without interruption. Today I will analyze some of the options I have worn and considered. Puma Puma’s white shoes are cheap and beautiful. Both the Carina and Cali series have a platform-style sole, which has increased invisibly and is more comfortable to wear. I am wearing the gold-labeled model in the picture. The simple pure white sneakers with […]

2021 Recommended List of “Personal Health” Goods

In autumn, I start to feel the coolness at night. I always have a bad habit of sleeping and squatting on the quilt. So add some temperature to the sleeping nest at home. Start with an electric bed sheet and a wool electric blanket at Amazon. The well-being of the warm bed makes me look forward to sleeping every day. MaxKare red flannel electric blanket  Instructions: The switch has three heating levels: 1 (95℉), 2 (100℉), 3 (113℉), and 4-hour automatic shut-off function. Although the manual is machine washable, I think it will be exposed to sunlight. Be afraid to wash […]

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Shop Women’s Plus Size Clothing at Low Price

Dear ladies, we have wonderful news for you, with us on our site. Which we are sure you already know very well, HexinFashion, you can find amazing clothes at the lowest prices. We represent the dominant store in the online market. And the quality of products and the quality of services do not need to be checked because our customers speak for us. As we have already had the opportunity to tell and present to you, modern times have brought us another very important item in our lives. And that is the Internet. Because through the internet today we can […]

View Feelingirldress Year-end Promotion!

We all have waited for this a whole year long. A year-end promotion is an exciting event for both customers and retailers. It is the time when we, as customers, can save some pennies and re-stock our wardrobes, and sellers can free up some space for the new items. Whether you are taking advantage of a year-end promotion to shop for yourself, or hunting for holiday presents, this post will make sure you won’t miss the best shopping opportunities. Sexy Sleepwear We would like to start with some treats for bedtime. You can never waste your money on a fresh […]

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Lover-beauty Plus Size Clothing Wholesale Now

Flaunting your beauty is the mantra, be it any shape or size. We believe plus size women are the most attractive and beautiful in real life. Plus size also does not mean that you cannot wear stylish and fashionable clothing. Well, there was a time when the most stylish clothing was just available for the regular women and the plus-size ladies had to wear simple dull clothing. But not anymore. Today different brands big and small are coming up with fashion clothing for every shape and size. Online boutiques like Lover-beauty are one such example that has a wide range […]

Cool Fashion Combinations for Winter

There are many things in life that doesn`t seem to go well together but actually match. As they say, opposite attracts. In the fashion world, tights are often used for more formal settings like for business meetings or for work used as part of uniforms. On the other hand, a pair of sneakers is known to be the easiest pair of shoes to wear without compromising style. Combining tights and sneakers probably seem odd but just like yin and yang, they definitely go really well together with the right accessories. 1. The Cool Chic You can wear a nylon blend […]

How to Choose Body Shaper for Muffin Top

We all know the problems we have when we don’t work out and eat unhealthy fast food. Being overweight is a problem for a lot of people today. Us women especially hate the appearance of the infamous muffin top ( body fat that extends horizontally over the edges of the waistline of tightly fitting skirts or pants). I mean who could like that? And when you are getting ready and you suddenly see that in the mirror your mood goes totally down. We all want to avoid that, right? Of course, you do! Otherwise, you wouldn’t have clicked on this […]


It is finally that time of the year, time of the year when you throw on a super warm and cozy coat. Sip your pumpkin spice latte and go shopping for Christmas presents. Who doesn’t like that time of the year? Feelingirldress official certainly does! In order for you to like it more we decided to help you out with some purchases. To be precise we want you to find some clothing that will absolutely make you look and feel amazing. For start let us talk about winter coats. If you want to find a perfect coat we have such a […]

White Jacket: An Essential Outfit for Boys

With white jackets, there is still a striking figure. There’s the confidence that comes with boys in a white jacket, regardless of how you take it. Pulling this statement piece off, however, is no mean feat. Any boy who sported a white reveals a lot of swagger hell. It doesn’t take a lot of trust for the soft-hearted. This is how you can rock your white jacket like a pro. White jacket with jeans Wear hum-drum jeans with a white jacket and a shirt. Go for a smart-casual look by wearing an acceptable outfit for drinks and dinner with blue-wash […]

Autumn Girls’ Short Skirts Can Be Matched Like This!

It has been quite chilly the past few days hence a lot of us tend to cover up as much as we can to keep us warm. You`ve probably been missing the comfort of wearing skirts but did you know that there`s a lot of ways you can still wear skirts during this season? You don`t have to compromise style for comfort when you can have both. Here are some of the best ways you can match a short skirt with your fall clothes: Shine Bright Metallic clothing pieces are trendy this year. You can choose a metallic silver mini […]