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All the first coastal Girls Swim: the swimming pool or the ocean suit Mcmahon is just fine

Kensey McMahon has been in a mile long lake, the Gulf of Mexico and the National Open Water Swimming Championships in the United States. 500 yards in the splash pool? That’s no big deal. “Those long races, most of the children stay away, she’s almost like sprint swimming coach Mike Dingfield,” Putonghua. “Eight or 20 laps has not been able to cover up her warm-up.” Mcmahon filled the swimming pool with the fastest speed, long endurance and several American time. It became the first wild horse to be selected as the first “coastal girl swimmer” in the era alliance. High […]

2017 strange news: Guinea swimsuit, Senegal’s religious pornography, “sexy prisons”

In every news year, there are no complaints and terrorist attacks in the main news headlines of politics, sports, technology and commerce. A news can only be classified as “weird” at best. These news programs are usually programs that light social media with people who are different from social etiquette. 2017 is quite a part of this. We selected three of the 2017 reviews. Two in West Africa, one in southern Africa. The “twins” in West Africa have a deep religious tendencies in South Africa and are entertained. Swimsuit anger led to the government’s suspension of miss Guinea’s beauty In […]

Guess that the range of swimming suits and underwear is 2017 in the summer

Guess the summer 2017 swimming suits and underwear. Guess the swimming suits and underwear recently launched a guess at the summer 17 events at V and A seashore, Cape Town. Guess the girl, Liz Turner’s vivid character. Rachael Mortenson and Natalia Barulich are wearing the fashionable underwear and swimming suits style. They have a symbolic guessing advertising campaign. Art director Paul Marciano, guess the chief creative officer? The company, through the photographer shot, I E gene Claire. The sun is bathed in the warmth of natural light, and girls are both sensual and sexy. The key swimwear works collected in […]

The iconic swimming suits runway lineup is a watershed moment

Here are some of the things that the audience can see the swimming suits runway: false tanned, toned limbs, Camilla caftans. And some of them not: stomachs, burns and even strange scars. Last night, on the eve of the summer, the biggest online fashion wardrobe in Australia and New Zealand, marked by a sensation in Sydney port. Therefore, when online retailers show some very realistic (size 12 and above) models in the swimsuit parade on Thursday, the diversity of the runway instruments has been improved. Because let’s face it, the traditional swimming suits and fat have no friends on the […]