Girls with thick legs practice these movements

Every girl has a yearning and pursuit of beauty. For a girl with a pair of elephant legs, it is almost every nightmare. Whether it is taking a full-body photo or buying clothes, it will eventually change from full expectation to embarrassment.


Everyone says that it doesn’t matter because they don’t care, but in fact they all have a longing for beauty. Sometimes when they see friends with sexy long legs, they can’t help but cast envious visions, and even unconscious fantasy.


If I can also have a pair of bird legs, I will definitely wear a lot of beautiful clothes, and it will definitely be more beautiful than now. Girls’ thighs are thick and unsightly, how to practice bird legs?

Action One: Air Bike

Presumably this movement must be familiar to everyone. This movement is very effective for local skinny legs. First of all, you must keep your breathing smooth, relax your body and lie flat on the yoga mat. Put your hands on both sides of the body naturally. Exercise can last one minute as a group, just do two groups a day.

Action two: side lift legs

The action of side-lifting the legs is mainly to eliminate the fat on the inside of the thigh. Keep the body straight, lie on the yoga mat on the side, lift one leg up, and feel the stretch on the inside of the thigh. This exercise can last one minute as a group, just two or three groups per day.

Action three: draw a circle on one leg

This movement is similar to the side-lifting leg, the body is stable, lying on the side on the yoga mat, one leg draws a circle clockwise, so that your legs are in a state of tension, this exercise can last one minute as a group, do two daily Just three groups.


Action 4 :90 degree handstand

The 90-degree handstand is a very simple movement. It only requires our body to lie on the bed and put our legs against the wall at a 90-degree angle to the body. When doing this movement, the body must be straight and the legs cannot be bent. Lift up, and feel that your legs are in a tightened state when doing this exercise. The time is about 15-20 minutes, until the legs feel sore.

It is important to remember that after the exercise, you must perform a simple leg massage, otherwise it will become muscle legs, let our legs become more relaxed after exercise!

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