How Sustainable Materials and High-Quality Fabrics Make Shaping and Fashion Possible

A must-have in every woman’s wardrobe, shapewear is now worn by anyone on any occasion. Thanks to modern shapewear pieces that are designed for comfort which means that they can be worn underneath casual clothing or formal wear and is barely noticeable.

As the importance of sustainable fashion continues to gain popularity, many clothing brands are embracing sustainable wear. The same goes for shapewear too. Many companies are producing shapewear by using a combination of innovative materials that are based on functionality, comfort, durability, and sustainability. Sustainable shapewear is made from recycled material and manufactured using high efficient recycling process that reduces energy and water consumption. This is done without compromising on comfort and efficiency.

If you are in the market for sustainable shapewear, you may want to take a look at the stylish and eco-friendly shapewear from Shapellx. Its range of shapewear is lightweight, breathable, kind to your skin, and also kind to the planet. Shapellx’s new generation of shapewear offers unique solutions for performance, fit, and comfort. They are designed to support different zones with different compression where required without flattening the body parts. These shaping garments will properly enhance and emphasize the natural body and can be worn all day long.

Shapellx Trendy And Sustainable Shapewear For All Your Fashion Needs

Build your wardrobe with high-quality and eco-friendly tummy control shapewear to reduce your carbon footprint.

Eco Seamless Shaper

This seamless shaper is made from environmentally friendly yarn that gives an extra firm fit and snatches the waist. With a seamless design, it ensures that you not only look your best but feel your best underneath. The removable and adjustable shoulder straps offer versatility and flexibility. It also has an overlapped crotch for easy bathroom use.

Contour Midi Shaping Dress

This gorgeous contouring dress features a 360-degree waist taming power that will smooth the tummy and hips. It combines control, comfort and innovation in one easy-to-wear dress with built in shapewear.  It hugs the curves effortlessly and designed to adjust to the body perfectly. You will love its smoothing power and its trendy style that never goes out of date.

Everyday Shaping Underwear

Designed with movement and comfort in mind, its super soft smoothing panels are smooth and firm while ensuring a seamless silhouette beneath form-fitting outfits. The two-ply material firms the waist and back. It has edge-bonded panels that ensure that the fabric the body comfortably all day This eco-friendly underwear is easy to pull up and take off. 

Seamless Eco Support Bra

This is one of the most supportive bras yet. The medium-impact support and eco-friendly material make this bra an ideal choice for daily wear or workouts. You will love its soft, comfortable feel against your skin. It features non-slip silicone that helps it to stay in place. It is wire-free and offers the perfect amount of coverage. 

CoreSculpt™ Seamless Eco Support Bra
CoreSculpt™ Seamless Eco Support Bra
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