How to choose right shapewear?

Nowadays shape-wears have become very popular as they are available in different sizes, colors and fabrics. At present they are being designed as per your outfits. Many shape-wears are available that can be used for hiding your extra fat. But before buying a shape-wear you should check whether it fits you perfectly or not.

Following things to consider:

Stick to your size: Sometimes for extra firmness women start using size down shape-wear. But it may affect your body as it causes bulges and you will start feeling uncomfortable. So, before you buy your shape-wear first try it to check whether it is giving a perfect fit or not. It should be comfortable and stay at its place.

Choose constriction: You can choose medium constriction to smoothen the lines and strong constriction can be used for transforming total figure. Check the clothing label if performance level is not listed on the tag. The more the nylon content in the garment the more it alters your body shape. You should also have the sense to feel the fabric of the shape-wear like if it is light-weighted and slippery then it is designed to smoothen the targeted spots of your figure. Heavy pieces are mainly designed so as to tuck your body into shapes.

Tone the legs using tights with built-in shape-wear: If you are going to wear tights over your shape-wear it means you are putting Nylon blends one above other. It will make you uncomfortable because your tights may shift to either side. It will also create extra layers on your thighs which may be visible through your clothes. Therefore you should choose a shape-wear that have compression zone because it will give shape your tummy, thighs and also gives you a slim look.

Look for cotton-blend shape-wear to keep you cool: Shape-wears are generally available in spandex and nylon but they don’t allow the skin to breathe. They may be a better option for the winters but not for summers because it may cause more sweating. So, in summers you can use cotton shape-wears as it gives the facilities like moisture absorption, micro-fibers used for odor control and breathability.


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