The line is revolutionary cheap swimming suits competition for women with D cups

Not fit, untidy, unsupported: This is three, and Stephanie Korn and Carly Warson are used to describe their old cheap swimming suits. They don’t love the description of setbacks, they find their breasts in support.

For our D + women, choosing a swimsuit design or palette is a luxury! “The Cohen band says,” who’s wearing the bra size, 10DD?” Finding a style that actually fits and offers in our size is the biggest challenge.” 2014, it understands Korn and Watson (a 10e), and there are other bigger women, just like they’re looking for cool but wearing scheap swimming suits. Fast forward to November 2017 and fold, a series of classic, supported silhouettes in a compact color editor, and now is a reality.

“Born with mental fusion, function and design, to ensure that all styles support and design awareness of the female form,” Cohen said, addressing most of the common problems of Australian women. Of course, like all great ideas, it’s a long way, and there’s an inaccurate sample everywhere.

“Refining a style may take 10 to 20 samples, and the latter is a more common result. Every detail is included, a mm, a circle will make all the difference between the natural breast shape and does not support the tears of breast shape, “said Warson, pain in the course of three years, which soon realized the means to perfect every line and the needle,” complete “.

In these three years, friends and current business partners have really thought about everything: 78% of their Italy fabrics are recycled from waste after consumption, and the recycled packaging ensures that your cheap swimming suits is the only thing that can be sold in the ocean this summer. In addition, 1 dollars per sale will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, so this is a win-win victory.

Yes, all the styles are sold separately. This is one of the biggest challenges that women face when buying swimsuits. “We know that women’s sizes at the top and bottom are not always the same, so all of our designs are sold separately. In the past cheap swimming suits shopping is harder when the style was sold as a set, “said Cohen band.

Looking forward to their first summer with folding, Cohen and Watson noticed the black of their most popular color match date (no surprise), with the top and bottom of the line selling quickly since its launch in November.

So where does the folding begin?

“We see ourselves as D + specialists, while expanding our size to cater to women of all shapes and sizes. “Our goal is to continue to study new innovations and technologies to make swimwear more comfortable for women,” Warson said, adding, “our mission is to provide functional and design emphasis on cheap swimming suits products, so early on, we want to develop a range of clothing and accessories.”

We’re going to give the bra cup to that one.


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