After an extended period of chills and cold, when the sun finally shines upon you, it’s a relief. You will want to bask under the rays, enjoy a coconut on the beach and dance to the tunes of summer air. However, it is also important to pay some attention to your lingerie during this period. The sweaty days demand proper underwear choices so that you don’t feel irritated and uncomfortable. Here’s what you can choose.

Cool Cottons

Though lace and satin are the ‘go-to’ choices for displaying sensuality and beauty, summers don’t get along with them. You need to pick some cotton underwear so that your skin can breathe. The porous nature will allow good sweat evaporation and will keep you cool.

Pick Pastels

The basic 10th standard science taught us that dark colors absorb heat while light colors don’t do that enthusiastically. That is why going for lighter shades of pastel colors is a reasonable thing to do during the hot months.

Lessen the Fabric

If you are someone who sweats a lot, then pick underwear that doesn’t have much fabric. In other words, pick the thong underwear. They cover your precious parts and also have minimum cloth and prevent panty lines as well. It’s a wise choice to invest in them.

PJ Cuties!

When you are going to sleep, there is no point in picking underwear that is too extravagant. You need to leave your body free while you rest. That is why opting for some cute and short PJs for the summer nights is a great option. Again, it’s good to go with lighter shades of color.

Paint it red – Contour boxers

If you are someone who is not fond of light colors, then you can go for the reds and pinks. Though they do absorb heat, it isn’t as much as the blacks. Contour boxers are great for women who like body-fit shorts and they also allow good airflow.

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