Kimberley Garner showed off her athletic physique and the peach back with white cheap good quality bikinis brings a sultry storm video for her


She was a Chelsea star, a cheap good quality bikinis designer.

Kimberley Garner found out exactly why she was the perfect girl for this job, showing off her incredible characters in one of her creations.

The 27 year old star posted a video on Monday on Instagram, showing she was wearing sexy white dresses and low collars.

Former reality TV star after seeing the show off her slim figure with a halter in white.

She promoted her successful brand subtitle, her video, “cover” kimberleylondon clothing.

MISE EN appeared in different scenes, and the businessman jokingly showed off her confidence after she smoked her beautiful blond hair braid.

Star launched her cheap good quality bikinis company, Kimberley London, 2013.

Her collection includes the use of Italy luxury fabrics in Paris and inlaid with 18 karat gold pendants and ornaments.

Swimwear collection has proved very popular, and sales are quickly released on the new design online.

Earlier this month, Kimberley worked hard to make a new promo for her latest cheap good quality bikinis brand.

The star of the show she could not deny the strong constitution in a new series of photographs in the garden under the background of the party’s Balearic island coast.

Sports a bold black cheap good quality bikinis, Kimberley showed her slender waist and coquettish eye camera.


Another shot found demure blonde reclining on a log of her tight have experienced years of wind and frost, ABS demonstrated her out.

Stay cool in the Losangeles Dodgers Baseball Cap in other parts of kimberely, cross legged sitting on the beach.

Kimberley’s fame of 2012 MIC, she attracted many actors, including Spencer Matthews, 27 gaze 3 series, and Richard Dinan.

After an appointment with Spencer, the two decided not to accept the union.

Kimberley has turned her attention to the world of swimwear design and abandoned her reality TV connection.

The girl proudly ensures that all the fragments in her namesake cheap good quality bikinis range are handmade in Britain and Italy fabric cut London – in a luxury touch to help her design stand out in the market.

We talked, and she said, “I designed this year’s cheap good quality bikinis to assemble the whole island, tropical inspired hand-painted patterns.”

“I want it to capture the relaxing, relaxing holiday feeling. As a young designer, I’m really cool. I like the creative process from design to final product. This collection is my favorite.”


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