The Way of Breathing Makes People Ugly

Are you aware that poor breathing patterns have a negative impact on your facial appearance? In case you were not aware then you need to understand this. Often mouth breathing is amongst the worst breathing methods that make you look ugly. No one will blame you for breathing through your mouth, however, it is you that will have to face the repercussions it comes with it more so when it is a habit. Example of the negative side effects of breathing include chronic complications and distortion of your mouth’s shape and facial appearance with results to an ugly appearance. Often, this is common to children who are still growing and developing.


Mouth breathing is a complication that ensues during your childhood due to health complications like allergies and overgrown tonsils. If not handled on time, this health complication can distort your facial appearance in your entire life. Depending on the magnitude of this complication, the chin may keep on receding the jaws and cheeks. As this transpires, after a given time, the tissues transform and distorts the shape of the nose. Also, mouth breathing can have adverse effects to the teeth as it can result to tongue and jaw changes.

Besides poor mouth breaking making you look ugly; it has other side effects. It causes headaches, gingivitis and gum disease, sore throat and cold symptoms, and bad breath which can result to cavities. Also, mouth breathing causes poor sleep that results to chronic fatigue, and digestive disturbances like stomach upset, acid reflux which lead to infections and reduction in the supply of oxygen. Mouth breathing also has physical side effects which make someone look ugly. They include: extended mouths and narrow faces, cheekbones that are not well defined, small lower jaws, and a weak chin.

Also, poor breathing can change the shape of your face by making it extend forwards and downwards. As a result of the downward and outward growth, the face sags and the chin recede hence an improper oral posture. An improper oral posture is brought about by the tongue exerting pressure on the mouth upper jaw. The truth of the matter is that anyone who breathes through the mouth hardly rests his tongue on the mouth’s roof. As a result, the tongue fails to shape the jaws. Additionally, the natural elongation of the jaws is speeded up leading to flattened cheeks and jaws.

In order to control and stop mouth breathing, it is advisable you use nasal dilator strips, saline sprays, avoid taking alcohol and eating three hours before you retire to bed, and also make sure your exercise regularly.


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