We know how important wearing shapewear is to attain the most beautiful and proportioned body we can ever have. Imagine how great they are in keeping your body lumps and bulges in place, and in turn creating an hourglass body figure. However, we may encounter some issues as some of the underwear rolls up or down underneath our dresses. Whether our underwears are too tight or loose, it is concerning to the point of frustration that we often just neglect what is happening.

As Shapellx know the value of making the most smooth dress silhouette, Shapellx, as a shapewear brand,  keeps up in innovation to ensure that rolling ups or down of underwear will never happen. We ensure the quality of our shapewear and install an anti-rolling edge to get rid of any such concerns!

Shapellx also values the fabric and the design of our shapewear such as an exquisite lace pattern which is super effective in keeping the edges from curling up. It happens as we are motivated to build a confident, beautiful woman that can be proud of herself anywhere and anytime. As Shapellx gets more and more closer to our goal, TRANSFORM LIVES, we eradicate any form of insecurities you may have about your body with our shapewear.


  • You’ll save yourself from the embarrassment while wearing tight-fitting dresses
  • Move freely without worrying about what you`re wearing
  • Flexible body support without the hassle of uncomfortable fabric
  • Your overall appearance looks pleasant
  • Removes all your body’s insecurities
  • Assurance for having a seamless and smooth silhouette


1. Shapellx CoreSculpt™ Postpartum MaxAb Support

Our main goal is to help each woman who dreams of having a great body figure attain their goals with less hassle and effort. Knowing that they can rely on our shapewear, gives a boost to our sense of motivation to stay committed and true with our passion.

Our shapewear gives a complete solution in sculpting your body with highly compressed compression and tummy control. We have featured them with an open bust to hold and support your breast upright. Together with its side zipper and removable straps to keep the shapewear in place, with its lace anti-rolling hem at the legs to avoid unnecessary slip-ups.

2. Shapellx CoreSculpt™ Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper with Butt Lifter

When we plan to shape your body, it doesn’t only have to be your waist and hips. Our shapewear becomes more popular as we have added features that others don’t have. One of which is the butt-lift feature, creating a butt that has a more natural round shape. Nowadays, women spend more money on surgery just to have the butt they want. Why should you pay more when you can attain the same results with our butt-lifting shapewear? Anti-rolling lacy edge gives you a touch of sexiness, and sense of security more importantly.

Be wise, know that your body will shape up according to the compression of your shapewear as you repeatedly use them!

3. Shapellx PowerConceal™ Low-Back Hourglass

What you should look forward to in our shapewear is its ability to help you have an improved posture. It is known that bad posture leads to an unhealthy body, which often causes hunchbacks issue. It is quite a great benefit to have aside from firming your body’s figure. Knowing that there is a big help in keeping your body healthy is something that you should never miss in shapewear.

This shapewear design is also commendable as it has a low cut, low back design to perfectly fit with any of your backless dresses. It has an open gusset for easier bathroom breaks for better comfort and extra support. Also, you will have  no worries about rolling edge which can cause embarrassment and discomfort in some formal occasions.

4. Shapellx CoreSculpt™ Advanced Body Sculptor

Each individual’s self-confidence comes from feeling good about something or anything about themselves. Yet, body confidence is more about being proud of how your body looks, based on your perspective and without relying upon anyone’s point of view.

Though it is unlikely for people to not get affected by what others are telling them about how their bodies look like. It is always better to have perfect control over your body figure to avoid body shaming. It is where you need shapewear to get you that “control” you need about your body, boost esteem and confidence indeed. Not to say its feature of anti-rolling edge can make you more secured and confident to some extent.

5. Shapellx CoreSculpt™ Bonded Waist &Peach Pop Bodysuit

If you’re aiming to have a curvy waistline, you need to make sure that your shapewear can cinch your waist to hide all your bulges out of the picture. Glad to say that our waist and peach pop bodysuit has a form-fitting feature due to its zipper lock that is seamless to bring out a smooth silhouette under your dress.

It also features a full tummy control with its three layers to successfully pull your body in. Nonetheless, it has an anti-rolling lace slip that removes any thigh imprints. It is perfect when you need to feel tight and look fit!

Shapellx brings out iconic feminine shapewear with great fit, lasting quality, and perfect second skin. Now with the addition of an anti-rolling feature, it is said to make your body shaping experience more fun and delightful.

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