Learn About Five Minutes of Daily Eye Make Up, Wearing a Mask is Also Beautiful


Let’s face the reality, most people try as much as possible to spend most of their time on eye make up in the morning. This is to avoid being late at work or maybe, they have other duties that they are required to finish on time. Also, when you wake up you don’t have to be ignorant that everything is okay with your eyes. There are possibilities of dark circles or pimples that you need to attend to before leaving for work. This is what is referred to as natural radiance in summer. Here is a simple tutorial that that will help you apply eye make up in less than five minutes.


Primer is the first step of applying your eye make up after applying of the sunscreen an moisturizer. Use an eye shadow primer like the NYX HD eye shadow and swipe it over your eye shadow base. This step is essential as it prevents creasing more so for oily skins. It also boosts your makeup make it last for long throughout the day.

Light Shadow

For the second step, get a nice a nice shadow duo. The eye shadow you choose has to be neutral with a complimentary hue. The shadow’s complimentary hue should be some shades deeper. In case your skin tone is light or medium, go for a cream and caramel duo. As for those who are dark in complexion, a vanilla and espresso duo work well for your skin tone. You will also have to apply a light powder over your eye lids using an eye shadow brush.

Dark Shadow

Take a shadow brush that is dome shaped and use it to sweep a dark shade into your crease. Then blend it with a windshield wiper, press the entire pigment into the outer corner then along your lower lash line trace it and halt at the center.


You can use either a brown or bronze pencil to apply your upper lash line. Apply the make up starting from the outer corner. In case of any faults during the process of applying your make up, you can use a cotton swab to erase.


After you are done with applying an eye liner, curl your eye lashes then apply some coats of black mascara on the lashes of your eye. This helps give you an eye opening and fanned out effect.

Finally, for those who love applying makeup under their masks, there are a few things you need to consider the following, stay face focused when removing them, always try a bold lip color, and remember to always amp up the eyes.



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