French Shirt with Jeans Comfortable and Casual


In case you have always desired to nail a comfortable and casual look, then pairing a French shirt with jeans will give you what you’ve always desired. Often, when French shirts are worn paired with formal or official pieces, they give a perfect look because of their fitting and slim shape. However, when you pair this shirt with a pair of jeans, it offers a comfortable, flattering and casual look. Learning how to match these pair of shirts with jeans is a different thing. Through understanding things like color, pattern, and the fit for your shirt and jeans, pairing this outfit will never be a difficult task.

White French Shirt



Try a combination of a white French shirt with a pair of jeans trouser for a casual look. This shirt can give you different looks depending on the jeans type you select. However, in case you are looking forward for an impressive casual look then a dark shade of denim jeans would be the most appropriate choice. This black jean mimics the official look of the white shirt by maintaining a comfortable-casual look.

Pair a Black French Shirt with Your Pair of Jeans


Often, black French shirts are not a popular menswear. These shirts feature a sleek look and versatility which makes them ideal for a casual look. It can be matched with a light toned pair of jeans, or any jeans that is blue in color. Pairing this shirt with this type of jeans offers a contrasting look by maintaining a uniform and simple color scheme.

Printed and Stripped French Shirts

Try pairing your jeans with a printed and stripped French shirt. There is no doubt that you will get a comfortable and casual look. Often, a printed shirt plays the role of a blank slate and can fit well with any type of look you desire whether casual or formal. As for a patterned shirt, it gives extra dimensions to your outfit because of its personality. Therefore, for a casual look, do not mind matching either a striped or printed shirt with your jeans as maintains your entire look less structured.

French Fit Shirt


Getting a perfect fit French shirt and marching it with your jeans will definitely offer you a comfortable and casual look. The reason as to why this fit shirt are great with your jeans is that they are easy to tuck. This is mostly recommended in case the shirt has an edge that is pleated.




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