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While some of the girls are well-off and can buy a load of clothes for their wardrobe, there is that part of the population that prefers ‘the good for all’ type of clothes. These can be worn for simple dates to office meetings, coffee hangouts to shopping trips. Of course, the quality, color, and fabric are of the finest kind and you don’t have to worry about anything. Feelingirldress brings you some of the best dresses that you can wear without hesitation. They have all the sizes and they get delivered in no time. They look exactly like the display pictures and you will be surprised by the way they feel against your body.

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Long sleeves maxi dress is a must-have from the Feelingirldress collection. These extend below the knees and have soft and simple fabric. It is great to be worn in summers and has a feel of the autumn freedom to them. If you are going on a trip to the park or having a family picnic, this one’s for you. It will be a good addition to your stack of long dresses.

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A variant in the same long dresses is the asymmetrical cut. This one has a style of its own. The cut adds a sort of beauty to the dress and minimalists will love the way it is not overdone and yet serves the purpose of increasing the overall grandeur. It depicts your love for fashion and also your simplistic side that demands lesser extravagance. Depending on your choice you can go for the ones with sleeves or strips.

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Another beautiful choice will be the bandage dresses that will hug your body with love. If you’ve got the right curves and are proud of your body, these dresses will enhance your confidence for the good. You can bear your elegant legs and the proper pair of heels will give you the good height that’s needed for your figure to mini dress

Bandage dress wholesale is available on Feelingirldress and they are simply spectacular. One such choice is the bandage dress with lace and detailing. These are going to compliment a lady’s figure and also her complexion. It depends entirely on the color and model you are going for. They have a touch of class and royalty to them and at the same time, the low cut will make you look sexy.

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This is a fabulous choice for women who like to show off their terrific collar bones. The criss cross model near the neck can be worn normally or pulled down to make it off-shoulders. Pair it with proper accessories and this will enhance your beauty to a whole new level. The dress isn’t plain and has rippling creases that are the main attraction. They are unlike the usual ironed look and add a mischievous touch to the typical fashion design.


All these dresses are going to stay by your side for a very long time. Go get them before someone else does and remember that they are economic and cheap too! They will bring out the feninine grace in you and people will compliment you for your splendid fashion sense.






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