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All brands have good products and bad products. To choose the best product for yourself, you must know your skin very well. Choose products by age? This is a common mistake. Almost all skincare brands and magazine media are encouraging you to choose skincare products according to age, but the products are only related to skin quality. The change in skin quality changes with hormones, seasons, stress and other factors, not just age. It can be said that people of the same age group will have very different maintenance needs.

Products for exfoliation. Fruit acid and salicylic acid are the best products for exfoliation. Salicylic acid for oily skin and fruit acid for dry skin. I haven’t heard about the impact of pregnancy. Vitamin A acid is not to exfoliate, but to adjust the entire skin condition and improve the generation of keratinocytes in the pores. It is a cure for acne.



What do I do if I’m going out soon, the nail polish is not dry yet?

Before applying nail polish, put the nail polish in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. The low temperature will allow the nail polish to solidify quickly, and it will dry quickly after application. In addition, using a hairdryer also has the same effect. The trick is to use cold air, but hot air will slow down the setting of nail polish.

You’d better put on makeup after an hour after taking a bath

Many people are used to putting on makeup immediately after taking a bath, in order to get out of the bathroom and have a stunning look. But in fact, after taking a bath, the pores are in a state of expansion. Immediate makeup makes it easy for cosmetics to penetrate into the pores, which is bad for the skin. At least 1 hour later, wait for the skin’s pH to return to normal before putting on makeup.




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