Miss New America is very happy that she does not have to wear a swimsuit to win.

Atlantic City, New Jersey (AP) – The first woman to win Miss America’s championship without wearing a swimsuit said she was happy that she was not necessary.

Nia Imani Franklin won the Atlantic City Sunday night title in Miss New York’s game. He said that the change of the 98-year-old player is a popular modernization.

Franklin quickly met the reporter after winning the championship. She said she was very happy that she didn’t have a swimwear competition because it made her eat a little.

“I think these changes will be huge for our organization,” she said. “I have seen many young women personally contact me, Miss New York asked how they intervened because I feel that they feel more capable of doing something, such as wearing a swimsuit to participate in a scholarship.

Franklin said: “I am very happy that I don’t have to do this tonight, because I am not just like this.” “All these women are not just the one on the stage.”
Her victory regained a series of successes that Imperial University has achieved in the beauty pageant on Sunday night. Mallory Hagan, Nina Davuluri and Kira Kazantsev won the Miss New York Championship from 2013 to 2015.

Franklin is a classical lead singer whose platform is “advocating art” and opera opera La Boheme sang opera on Sunday night.

She wrote her first song when she was 5 years old. It is “love, love, love, love, this is the only thing that is important to me, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.” Under the impetus of an Associated Press reporter, she was after the victory. The song was sung at the press conference and the audience snorted.

Franklin won a $50,000 scholarship in the first Miss America beauty pageant that did not participate in the swimwear competition.

She said in an interview on the stage that she is one of the minority students in the school’s growth, but she loves music and art to grow and adapt.

The fourth place is Miss Gabriela Tawelas of Massachusetts; the third is Miss Taylor Tyson, Florida; the second is Miss Conley, Louisiana, Conway, the first is Miss Connecticut, Bridget Oy .

During the beauty pageant on Sunday night, the judges narrowed the field of 51 candidates from the Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall.

The decision to abandon the swimwear competition has caused a lot of controversy and criticism of the current Miss America leadership. A few minutes before the start of the national TV show, a comedian warming up said that there would be no ladies swimming costume competition this year and he was screaming loudly in the hall.

These swimsuits were replaced by interviews with the front desk, and these interviews evoked compelling comments from the contenders on President Trump and NFL player protests and other topics.

Behind the scenes, most of the US national organizations are launching rebellion, demanding that President Gretchen Carlson and CEO Regina Hopper resign.

Former US Miss Caramond said that the two men bullied and silenced her, claiming that these women denied it.

After taking over the helm of Miss America last winter, an e-mail scandal made the former US Miss America’s appearance, intelligence and sexual life demeaning. Carlson and Hopper began to reorganize the organization, calling it “Miss America.” 2.0″.

Dissatisfied with the way swimwear decides, and other aspects of Carlson and Hopper’s performance, 46 of the 51 electoral organizations (including the District of Columbia) have asked the two to resign.

Before the next winner was crowned, Mund only appeared at the end of the beauty pageant. She was not allowed to broadcast live; instead, the 30-second recording she played was broadcast.

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