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Women Jacket: The Best Choice for the Workplace

And when combined with a T-shirt or converse, a good jacket makes you look put together. You will possibly need to wear a jacket five days a week if your workplace needs official wear. Why not make it fun, then? Jackets are a timeless trend, and shortly they will not go out of trend. You can wear it as a suit or mix and match your outfit. Here are five jackets that can take you a whole week to work. 1. Leather moto jacket Pair your animal print dress with a leather jacket and over-the-knee boots. A leather jacket makes all […]

Cartoon Socks, Who Wears Who Is Cute!

Cartoon Socks, Who Wears Who Is Cute! Nowadays people are not just investing their money for fashionable dresses! They’re also working in styling and pairing their socks with their outfits. Honestly, there are lots of cute socks out there and we all know that socks are important because it absorbs sweat and helps to evaporate it. So instead of plain socks, people prefer cartoon socks for fashion and style. Here is list of cute socks best for you. 1.  Thumbs Up Crew Socks This sock is not all about cuteness but also comfort because it is made of cotton, nylon […]

Finding the Perfect Body Shaper According to Your Body Type

Are you in trouble of finding a perfect body shaper for you? We understand perfectly what you are going through. It is not an easy thing to do and requires a lot of time and trial and error to get to that place when you are completely satisfied with what you bought. We are not here only to talk about how difficult it is to find perfect shapewear. We are also here to help you out by offering you some of our favorite products ( check out our offer down below ). There are different kinds of shapewear, for example, […]

3 Best Fall Hats for Women in 2020

In the middle of October, the heat of late summer gradually began to dissipate, and even in the afternoon, there was a little more coolness. After thinking about it, in addition to adding a jacket and changing the inner outfit, there is still a single item-a hat! It can keep out the wind and cold while matching the overall dress. How can it be missing in autumn! Today I recommend five kinds of hat matching skills for early autumn. I hope to inspire you! 1. Bucket hat As the most fashionable item at the moment, it is often seen on […]

Milk Tea Color Nail Style, Everyone Likes It

Milk tea color is the most beautiful color in autumn. In addition to black, white and gray, milk tea colors are also well-deserved kings. It can make you playful and sweet at the same time not lacking in flavor, just like cheesecake with a cup of English black tea, just the right taste, not boring nor sweet. The warm tone and elegant temperament make you immediately jump out of the mediocrity. Obviously subtle but can be very fashionable; obviously the color closest to nature but always exudes a sense of urbanity. If red manicure can highlight individuality, then milk tea […]

Want to Wholesale Fashion on Black Friday?

Are you planning to add flavor to your closet? Take advantage of feelingirldress Black Friday 2020. we are offering the lowest prices of the year on women’s clothing. Buy your favorite garments at wholesale and get coupons on this fateful day. Below are some cheap sweater dresses that we have and much more. Black Wholesale Woman Fashion Summer Sexy Bandage Dress Achieve a sexy look with this sexy bandage dress for all seasons and distinct occasions. To make your legs look miles long for a girl’s night out, clubbing, or at a wedding, compliment the look with heels.  Lively Red Bandage […]

These Brand Eyebrow Pencils Are Cheap and Easy to Use

While doing makeup shaping a perfect eyebrow is an essential part. Groomed and perfect shape eyebrow can do a lot with facial features. To shape eyebrows there are eyebrow pencils and eyebrow a pencil makeup kit that helps in making and filling eyebrows in perfect shape and gives it a sharp and nice look. The best brand of eyebrow pencils that are cheap and easy to use are listed as below Maybelline Fashion brow duo Shaper: One of the most affordable and high-quality product brands. It is a two in one brow pencil that helps in filling and smoothening eyebrows. Available […]

The White Boots Look Great With Any Combination

The White Boots Look Great With Any Combination If there is footwear that should not miss in your wardrobe is the white boots. They create a fantastic outfit, especially for the fall and winter season. Whether you wear them on jeans or leggings over the weekend, or with a skirt or pretty dress for a night date, they help you stand out from the crowd. If you own a pair and wondering how to match them, you are in the right place. Scroll down to learn how to match your white boots. With a cute mini dress Keep your dress […]

Let The Painting Blend Into The Home Environment

Want to decorate the wall with paintings, but don’t know where to start? It’s time to add some more practical painting decoration skills! 1. “Large size” of selected paintings Paintings with large scenes enhance the sense of depth of space. A large-scale painting is hung on the entrance hall, entrance hall or main wall of the living room. The tone and emotion in the painting rush to the surface. Just hang it and surprises will appear. The large-scale paintings of green plants bring vitality to the gray wall, and contrast with the bright chairs, which has a summer taste. Ultra-large […]

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Choose Best Waist Trainer for Lower Belly Fat

Lower belly fat is one of scariest nightmare for women. To hide it instantly you can wear perfect waist trainer for sucking up all of your belly fat. Women sometimes have difficulty finding items that will fit well. You will pleasantly surprise at the variety of styles and the sizes of best trainer you can try on.Waist trainers are good item to hide the lower belly fat through firm compression on your stomach. Here are some of cheap best waist trainer wholesale I would introduce to all of you who seek for the best one. This Super-Power Camo Print Latex Waist […]