The England Swimming Association apologizes for body humiliation swimsuits

Swimming in England, England’s water sports management agency, apologized on Tuesday for posting an anger based on the female body’s swimwear recommendations on its website.

According to the Guardian, there are sections on “Selecting Women’s Swimsuits for Women” on the page, which provide advice for female swimmers, including how to “enhance your cleavage” or “highlighting curves”. This page has been deleted.

The offending content was determined on Twitter by gender research PhD student Simone Webb. Weber writes that she is “very shocked” to read the instructions for swimming in England. She said that the guide “has nothing to do with athletic performance or comfort,” but instead focuses on “female appearance.”

A spokesperson for a swimming England apologizes that the guide was dated in 2010 and “does not represent the idea of ​​swimming in England”.
“Once it caught our attention, we removed the page and was replacing it with more appropriate information. Swimming is one of the most acceptable activities for people of all ages and abilities,” the spokesperson added, according to the Guardian.

The association was founded in 1869 and has organized swimming clubs and competitions overseas to promote the sport. After this week’s commotion, it released a revised swimming suits for ladies guide that did not mention gender issues. The new guide says: “Everyone should feel confident and comfortable in the water.”

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