Gigi and Tina Caruso’s new swimsuit series are designed to help live an active consumer

Gigi Caruso and her mother Tina Caruso want to create a swimsuit that does not just look good. Caruso, real estate developer Rick Caruso’s daughter, began a personal setback. Gigi hopes to be able to pass through her activities to keep a well-designed suit.

Tina takes her expertise as a former swimwear model, as well as the designer behind the girl No. 5 angel, Gigi C, is developing for about a year.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, the direct selling consumer brand sells through its online store, and also strongly relies on influence to help customers expand their customer base, paying special attention to using Instagram as a way to contact people. Now, Gigi said there was no plan to establish a wholesale business.

To date, the company has worked with models such as Anna Herrin, Scarlett Leithold, and Kyra Santoro, which is active on Instagram, to help athletic and fashionable potential customers showcase this series. “The girl wearing Gigi C is complicated, but can be a little sexy, know how to work. She can also be a little sport,” said Gigi, the black and white series, which includes cutting design, cho accents and shoulder style detail.

The swimwear series is also supported by Raj Manufacturing, a swimsuit in Tustin, Calif., And has recently focused on marketing through social media and mini-gaming. The line called Vyb was developed by a group of millennials.

Gigi C’s swimsuit is made from European fabrics and then made in the Alhambra Palace in California, with a package from $ 200 to $ 225 and a retail price between $ 75 and $ 130, with a maximum price of $ 95 $ 140.


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