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Emily Ratajkowski accused of copying swimwear designer Lisa Marie Fernandez

Emily Ratajkowski is accused of copying wholesale swimwear swimwear brand Lisa Marie Fernandez. Fashion Reporter, Fernandz sent out a stop-and-stop actress and model to follow the launch of her new swimwear business, the mistress. The document focuses on two Ratajkowski designs – one over shoulder bikini and strapless swimsuit with a knot detail – Fernandez claimed to show her that Leandra and Triple Poppy styles are very similar, all launched three years ago of. Although there is little copyright law in the United States, actresses do sell internationally to Europe. With that in mind, Fernandez cited two EU community design certificates […]

Greek fashion is finally on sale in Australia

Greece’s Australian Helen tirekidis, with wholesale swimwear star career women, luxury brands such as Chanel, Gao Jie, Issey Miyake marketing and public relations, Mr. Shang and Giorgio Armani have decided to take her own road, let Greece fashion australia. Helen’s journey has just begun, about a year ago, the Greek style Parliament (GSC), multi platform projects representing different emerging markets and mature fashion brands, the goal from Greece is to establish business opportunities for these brands in australia. The first step to introduce, connect and promote Greek clothing talent into Australia, in Sydney, where retail buyers, news influence has the […]

Rachel Peters Cecil black swimsuit Miss Universe preliminaries

Philippines, Manila — she wholesale swimwear showed her fit figure in her swimsuit during the sixty-sixth Miss Universe Pageant in Las Vegas on Tuesday morning. (Manila times) Philippines. Philippines British model Rachel Peters draped her black yamamay swimsuit on the Hollywood Star Holiday for miss universe. “Thank you all for having me tonight. I really feel love for a week,” Peters said after Instagram. Miss universe was touring, filming, rehearsing and preparing for the championship last week. The coronation ceremony will wholesale swimwear be held on November 26th (November 27th morning, Manila time) in Las Vegas. – Patricia Lourdes Viray

Greek wholesale swimwear fashion is finally available in Australia

The Greek Australian Helen tirekidis, and the occupation female stars wholesale swimwear, luxury brands such as Chanel, Gaultier and Issey Miyake’s marketing and public relations, Mr. Shang and Giorgio Armani have decided to put her own way, let Greece are australia. Helen’s journey has just started about a year ago, the Greek style Council (GSC), multi platform projects represent different emerging markets and mature fashion brands from Greece’s goal is to establish the brand business opportunities in australia. The first step is introduced, and the promotion of Greek clothing talent into the connection in Australia, Sydney, where retail buyers have […]

Lazy ass founder releases new tags

The founder and creative director of the lazy O, Gemma protects the ice lever by launching a new young woman’s clothing brand in November. Frozen, this gives them more “ice” as a described fusing punk girl’s attitude and like a doll”. It has more women than lazy O aesthetic features, will frills duck, duck artificial fur decoration sleeves statement. “We want to do some different two points, O’s laziness, which wholesale swimwear is an interesting person, my taste,” the protective tariff. “Hide is a little bit higher than ice, a little punk and more fashionable direction.” It’s two channels on […]

Mosman mother and children swimwear line splash

Mosman Heidi Wallis is generally considered to wholesale swimwear be a “mumpreneur” The mother of two children has been a high-end swimsuit designer for more than 20 years, and she has been the driving force for her career when her children appear. Now, Ms. Wallis’s efforts are starting to pay off. The 46 year old launched bluesalt beach, a bright and popular child, three years ago, saying that other moms could have too much if they found something they liked doing and little bit of work”. She said, “start from childhood, do something you love, and then you put yourself […]

This swimwear brand has a moment, all because of Emily Ratajkowski

We always love hunting for new swimming labels, and we find our newest smash – Hunza G., if you follow on Instagram to wholesale swimwear, the brand you know is already Emily Ratajkowski. The model has bikini in almost every color. Hunza G (formerly known as Hunza) launched 1984, and the iconic Julia Roberts behind wore a beautiful woman brand (remember the blue and white gaps?!). Now, 30 years later, the brand re launched Hunza G, not like other design swimwear. A piece of Bikinis nightclub is made of textured lycra and comes in a series of beautiful colors. Extra […]

This Tang accords with the number 1 in the drawer of the concept swimwear lingerie shop

Ask any group of wholesale swimwear lingerie women, and you bet most people would say the top drawer. Finally, when intimate clothing company Ben Tang Group launched this week a new retail concept, it opens the drawer without 1. Although the company has 60 retail stores under the Tang Dynasty, which is a multi brand concept store all of its portfolio of labels, including the happy state, Stella Macartney, Heidi Klum and fayreform zishunv. “This is an opportunity to enhance our brand and capture them in a new environment,” said Paul Cherny, chief executive of Tang Dynasty, to australia. In the […]

Beach riots extended to sportswear

Beach riots, a famous brand of traditional swimwear, extends to sportswear and expands its clothing offerings. Although clothing has once been restricted to parcels sold for swimming orders, it is now an independent category and has been selected by clothing retailers. This expansion reflects the brand lifestyle of “the beach to the street”, which gives consumers the choice to wholesale swimwear to wear a day from the beach to one night. This summer launched its first sports brand, Sport Riot, dedicated to carbon 38 and rotation. Full launch is occurring this fall, and can already be in Sport Riot: […]

Editor’s pick: the new swimwear in the spring

High cut, piece, polka dot and more. The shopping team has a bit of a swimsuit obsession or wholesale swimwear. We all have too much, just looking more!  The latest new season into stores such as iconic, surfstitch and regular pants is not helping us wholesale swimwear and fix bikinis. Last summer, it was still a big success this season, with both a high bikini bottom and a high foot, all over our favorite shopping place. Some of our other favorite trends, such as bold red and polka dots, also enter the swimsuit scene. We can’t get enough to […]