This Tang accords with the number 1 in the drawer of the concept swimwear lingerie shop

Ask any group of wholesale swimwear lingerie women, and you bet most people would say the top drawer.

Finally, when intimate clothing company Ben Tang Group launched this week a new retail concept, it opens the drawer without 1.

Although the company has 60 retail stores under the Tang Dynasty, which is a multi brand concept store all of its portfolio of labels, including the happy state, Stella Macartney, Heidi Klum and fayreform zishunv.

“This is an opportunity to enhance our brand and capture them in a new environment,” said Paul Cherny, chief executive of Tang Dynasty, to australia.

In the Westfield shopping center and Warringah on Tuesday opened the first store, two Brisbane book Tofield in Chermside, November, at Carindale next week.

The Cheney said this would be “an elevated, full customer service environment and provide”, and luxury decoration, including unique details, self adjust the lighting and Baer calls for assistance such as “strip”.

This avoids the embarrassing fact that customers in half of their clothes have to stretch out their curtains for help. The reality of many department stores is that women know it very well.

You may think that this new model may undermine the existing relationship with the department store, but that both the cheney.

This is a brand building campaign to build our brand image, so drawer 1 is not available with our wholesale partners. Our responsibility is to create a greater reputation for each of our brands, and more wholesale swimwear products in our hands of consumers. They can choose the most convenient and most suitable channel for them.

As Camilla’s former CEO, Mr. Cherni said that he had seen firsthand information about this method of work, so we felt very positive and had the same results”.

“I believe that in the next five years, we’ll have at least 50 of these stores. It seems possible.”

There is an online business offer and (drawerno1). Com. Kim, and the tablet PC store, allows customers to have an endless corridor available”.

As well as expert installation services, the service provided by the customer will include several hours after the accessory group, such as bridesmaids or just a bunch of friends.

“Accessories is an integral part of the experience,” said Mr. cherni. It is estimated that 80% of women do not fit (bras). Our key job is to make every lady out of our store make her feel comfortable and competent in a professional way. It’s very important for us to make it as simple, safe and comfortable as possible.”

There will also be a VIP loyalty program that allows former buyers to recommend new products because they come in.

“We will build a sound customer management system. Based on all brands, knowing what is appropriate and suitable for wholesale swimwear customers, we can communicate when new products come in, which may fit their size and shape.

In the drawer, no 1 will focus mainly on women’s wholesale swimwear underwear, which will include swimwear and pajamas, and there will be some people’s project portfolio.

With the potential for future, the company will introduce other non Tang brands into the market.

Cherni believes that the new store will be in their life changing widely. To attract the female needs, plus underwear shopping is a rite of passage. “No. 1 drawer is the perfect start, and the experience and breadth of the brand means that you can go from the first bra to the mature and later years of life along the life cycle.”

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