Lazy ass founder releases new tags


The founder and creative director of the lazy O, Gemma protects the ice lever by launching a new young woman’s clothing brand in November.

Frozen, this gives them more “ice” as a described fusing punk girl’s attitude and like a doll”. It has more women than lazy O aesthetic features, will frills duck, duck artificial fur decoration sleeves statement.

“We want to do some different two points, O’s laziness, which wholesale swimwear is an interesting person, my taste,” the protective tariff. “Hide is a little bit higher than ice, a little punk and more fashionable direction.” It’s two channels on the safe street all the way, and what we do will not be installed into O’s laziness. We think that the existing lazy O customers will still love it for it is from me, but we also hope that the two capture of a new customer.”

Open two protective women to get inspired by Jasper, Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, for the resistance of the female punk scene.

The key will include a swing leopard fur faux fur coat and a bra and metal skirt with a pink and blue collar. The 18 collection includes a small meeting, a university hat, a belt and a packaging bag.

Wholesale swimwear prices will range from 18 to two by 84 by the top A A faux fur coat.

The gem will be sold directly to consumers through the lazy O site from September.

Wholesale swimwear stockists edge IP autumn 17 include double lens in New York, Harvey Nichols LHP in Hongkong and Tokyo. The lazy big O’s independence will be in London’s British “solar friends”.

The protection of women and launched but a fire resistant O lazy 16 years ago in a market stall lantern, East London. “Since then, it has become known to its bright aesthetic.”

It’s the city of stocked ASOS in britain. Protection extends its product range, including two swimwear goods a year.


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