Mosman mother and children swimwear line splash


Mosman Heidi Wallis is generally considered to wholesale swimwear be a “mumpreneur”

The mother of two children has been a high-end swimsuit designer for more than 20 years, and she has been the driving force for her career when her children appear.

Now, Ms. Wallis’s efforts are starting to pay off.

The 46 year old launched bluesalt beach, a bright and popular child, three years ago, saying that other moms could have too much if they found something they liked doing and little bit of work”.

She said, “start from childhood, do something you love, and then you put yourself into the rhythm of your mom, and you have more time to develop your project.”

Ms. Wallis says she discovered her passion for designing swimwear at a very early age. Then she moved to Italy and built her own name.

The Queen’s swimsuit, formerly known as Heidi Vandervord, was also in front of the cheetah, an Australian woman swimwear  line, and said she decided to start designing for children when she saw the blank of the market.

She said, “I want to create something interesting and colorful for the kids, because the ones I wholesale swimwear for girls didn’t keep their shape, and they faded in the first few times of washing.”

“I asked my seven year old and nine year old girls what they really wanted to wear, and that’s what helped me evolve.”

The production line includes pirate, Mermaid and unicorn themed skin rashes and suits, as well as themed Bikinis nightclubs, wet coats and swimming hats from one to 12 years old.

The series also includes children covered by French towels, equivalent to a wearable towel, Ms. Wallis said.

“It’s great, because the design is fun, bright, it’s SPF50+, and the kids really look like they’re wearing it.”


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