Kes-Vir says incontinence swimwear may become a new way for mobile retailers

Kes-Vir says incontinence swimming suits for ladies may become a new way for mobile retailers
What are you looking for in the dealership?

“We are looking for distributors across the UK who are interested in adding energy-efficient products to their product range. We are also very interested in developing our international distribution because there are many opportunities overseas. Our products are currently sold all over the world, so I Desire to grow.”

Do you feel that many liquidity retailers ignore the incontinence?

“Products definitely exist in the market, but many retailers are not aware of the end of this market and the value of offering products to customers. It can be an important complement to their products.”

What are the benefits of storing Kes-Vir incontinence?

“Our product range is unique and perhaps the only product of its kind in Europe, because its versatility allows the product to cover a wide range of customers. We focus on three areas – durability, adjustability and style – this It is the key to our design and creation of products.”

How do mobile retailers find sales incontinence products?

“For some of our dealers, selling these products is a bit of learning, but once you understand the product line, they will see success, especially because the style of the product is vibrant.

“Recently, we have a lot of companies that have stores close to our holdings, which is great.”

What is the departure from Kes-Vir?

“This may explain the problem, but we definitely have some things in the preparatory stage. For now, I will say this space.”

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