Win 1 of 3 pieces of WonderFit swimwear basket worth R2000

This is the first few days of the summer. The girls invite you to enjoy a drink by the pool, but you don’t think the swimsuit is ready. What is your job? We asked ourselves the same question and presented the most fashionable and most pleasing solution: the WonderFit swimsuit (designed and developed exclusively by Miladys).

At Miladys, we are all women, so we got it. Feeling confident poolsides is not always easy (especially after all the delicious winter comfort foods). Usually, when we find a swimsuit we like, it is not suitable for the support we need.

Therefore, we have developed a swimsuit series that is not only fashionable but also suitable for self-cultivation. This is because at the end of the day, our mission is to make women everywhere feel good.

Want to know how it works?
You may want to know how this all works. How can swimwear be trimmed and trimmed where we need it most? Our first stop was to try to understand the most common problem areas for women while wearing swimwear – belly, bust, buttocks and hips. Once we have categorized them, we need to innovate a technology that works in these areas, and that’s what we do.
Our clothing styles are equipped with a slim electric mesh panel that smoothes the stomach and instantly loses weight. Also, keep an eye out for our wrinkle style – wrinkles help to smooth out your torso.

We need support, as is our WonderFit swimsuit. The wider shoulder strap helps distribute pressure evenly, and the internal support and padding are designed to be similar to a bra, so you can sit back and enjoy the summer fun.

Bottom and buttocks
The bottom of our WonderFit is designed to decorate curves instead of hiding them. The design is wider – the bottom and hips are more beautiful, giving you complete coverage.
Our favorite way to wear
We like weight loss technology, but we also like how they wear it. To see the elegant look, try combining our printed WonderFit full outfit with a gown for extra coverage and a sun hat. Or, choose a dress, put on our summer sandals (with comfort technology) and a pair of statement sunglasses. We have just launched a new lightweight denim WonderFit crop, which was made on a sunny day by the pool.
You can choose from our variety of interesting nautical and tropical prints, or choose any of our wonderful solid colors. With complete clothing, dresses, bikinis and tankini style, you will definitely find the one that suits you best.

Visit to see everything, then head to the nearest Miradys store and ask our friendly staff where they found them.

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