The fizz of Miss 2017 in Miss Earth cheap swimming suits competition

San Fernando — hot on Miss Earth 2017 candidates demonstrated cheap swimming suits, casual wear competition in their lean physique in the lausgroup activity center held in October 24th.

The staple food of the beauty pageant, the preliminary competition, is one of the most exciting events for the contestants to attend the grand coronation until the night of November 4th.

More than 25 delegates from all over the world went to the stage center, wearing cheap swimming suits and tropical resorts, with incredible wear and tear.

They also have the opportunity to express their environmental claims in competition.

The beauty queen of the 1 group is one of the 86 candidates who contend for one of the most prestigious titles on the international stage.

As a new winner and bagged gold medal, is 25 year old miss Venezuela Ninoska Vasquez.

At the same time, miss Holland believes that gennevieve zawadi Rand and Poland Dominika Szymanska miss both take the silver medal.

It’s also a tie for Honduras Valeria Cardona miss and Wales Sophie Bettridge miss, they finished the bronze medal.

Lausgroup (LGC), an International Miss Earth 2017 partner of cheap swimming suits choice, and won the miss Ecuador miss Laus Group left Giler sang Keith Lady.

Lisette Laus Velasco, deputy chief operating officer of LGC, said lausgroup had the honor of hosting this year’s pageant.

“It’s a great honor for us to host the resort to wear competition at the lausgroup center. To be true, Miss Earth’s visit helps enrich our local history, and promotes our constant pursuit of modernization and progress.

She adds that lausgroup, known as China’s largest auto group, is the timely cause of a beauty pageant and the value of efforts.

Tonight, we celebrate beauty, of course, the earth. Two themes that have never been more relevant in our time. “LausGroup’s family thinks we have only one earth, and we want to protect it,” she said.

She added: “I Miss Earth pageant and candidates praised efforts to raise awareness of people on environmental challenges, and produce a collective commitment in this process, what can we do to solve this problem.”

Now, in its seventeenth year, Miss Earth continues to build its reputation as a valuable beauty cheap swimming suits contest, and its owners are helping to protect the environment together.


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