Sun protection: New swimwear line has you covered

When she was diagnosed with two melanomas at the age of 32, Brisbane’s mother, Alyshia Morris, was shocked to the heart. She turned her negative experiences into a positive attitude and came up with a way to not only keep her own sunshine, but also encourage others to do the same.
Brisbane’s mother, Alyshia Morris, is urging others to be smarter this summer after being diagnosed with two stage 1 melanomas.

“When I was diagnosed with two melanomas at the age of 32, I shook my absolute core,” she said.
“Fortunately, they were successfully deleted. I am very fortunate that this is a positive result. Now I have two physical examinations every year and I am vigilant in the sun.”
After the panic, Ms. Morris felt the need to find a better way to protect herself from the sun. After the success of finding the right protective swimming suits for ladies, a frustrated Ms. Morris created the sunscreen swimwear brand Shade Swim.

“It’s a wake-up call for me to cut a large piece of skin from my body. I decided there and I had to do something that was not only fashionable but also safe.”
According to the Melanoma Institute Australia, an Australian has died of melanoma every 5 hours, with an estimated 14,000 diagnosed each year.

Matthew Browne, CEO of the institute, said with New Zealand that “Australia has the highest rate of melanoma, and we know that sunburn is the biggest risk factor for melanoma.”
As of today, Ms. Morris’s line of fashionable swimwear can be purchased online. Locally crafted for women only with long sleeves and made of UPF50 + fabric to protect skin from UV rays.

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