The fashion queen has just launched the most fashionable sunscreen swimsuit

Imagine the summer holiday art directed by Missoni Scion, a picture that comes to mind: generations of incredible Italians, Mediterranean toes, cool breeches and crochet bikinis. The colorful beaches in this scene are close at hand and offer plenty of sun protection. Mott50 is a well-known brand of minimalist swimming suits for ladies and covers made of UV-shielded fabrics. It has developed a new capsule in collaboration with Margherita Maccapani Missoni, which is launched today. Judging from the color-closed single piece and watermark pattern, the instruction is about life, indoors and outdoor life.

For the 35-year-old creative director (newly appointed to oversee the M Missoni series), she has the opportunity to showcase her warm weather design skills as a family business. “I like the fact that I can make clothes for both people and children in the same series,” Missoni said, and she has two young sons. “It’s very challenging to apply sunscreen to the body! Even if we are not at the beach, they are always ready to jump into the water, whether it is a river or a swimming pool.” Although Missoni has long been a daily sunscreen enthusiast – but She remembers that her mother devalued SPF’s tannery oil in the 80s and 90s – the new discovery of UPF fabrics. (An abbreviation for UV protection factor, which is a textile-like rating system similar to SPF; therefore the Mott50 is named 50, marking a powerful barrier to light – no need to reapply.)

In this brand’s new collection, it can be converted into a sleeve rash escort, full of vibrant fish, ideal for Augusto, 3 and Otto, 5. At the same time, there is a pair of swimsuits for women and women. The two-tone vest features a whimsical ruffled waistband; this multi-color long-sleeved suit top features a pointed collar (already the most popular style, which is why it is called Margherita). Missoni said: “I always like animal prints. Since we made swimwear, we have conducted a comprehensive study of tropical fish scales.” The mermaid-like purple iteration is the winner – and, like the mythical creatures, this kind of The model works well on land, as shown by the lines of yoga tights and sports bras.

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