Kimberley Garner sip a cocktail in the sea during a winter vacation in Miami and show her incredible body on a keyhole bikini

She became famous at Made In Chelsea and has since become a swimming suits for ladies designer.

Kimberly Ghana proved that she was her best advertisement because she barely had two sets of her incredible bikini body when she was sunning on Miami Beach in Florida on Thursday.

The 28-year-old reality star wears a 120-pound black monochrome bikini that features a playful keyhole to show off her very lively assets.
To ensure that all eyes are on her, the socialite shows her long legs, a high-waisted rope bottom and an 18-carat gold-plated pendant.

Kim Bo used a pair of black cat-eye sunglasses to cover her eyes, and she also took the beach baby’s atmosphere to make her blonde loose.
This swimwear designer wore a pair of golden hoops and sipped cocktails while posing in the sea while looking cool.

Kimberley’s number is a perfect choice, highlighting her slim frame, she splashes in the water while immersed in the Florida sun.
After she chose to keep her last love secret, she shared her hopes of showing a future relationship in the eyes of the public, and she appeared on the beach.

In an interview with MailOnline, Kimberly carefully considered the decision to keep her relationship away from the spotlight and revealed that she actually thought that the future husband and children would be “very cool” in the public eye.

She said: ‘I think this is really good, a bit of privacy is really good, but when I take it to the next step, when I decide to be with someone forever, I will be very happy to put them In the public eye.

She insisted that it was really cool for my husband and baby to be in the public eye, and added: “It’s good to be a bit private with my predecessor, but I don’t mind in the future.”
Speaking of her split with the mysterious man, Kimberly said: “We broke up for a year, returned to a few months, and then broke up again.

“He is still very cute, we are really good friends.”

Kimberly made a name for himself in the third Made In Chelsea series in 2012, where she had a romantic connection with Richard Dinan and Spencer Matthews.

TV celebrities recently told MailOnline that after landing her first Hollywood role last year, she would not rule out another appearance on the big screen.
She explained that I broke up last year and got involved in the movie, so I took it away to Los Angeles, this is the first time I actually did any performance.

“I want to really focus on my company and business, this is my enthusiasm, but if things happen by the way, then obviously I am happy to do it.

“I made it in Chelsea eight years ago, but since then I have completed the company I love.

“I bought a property and did it myself. I bought it, developed it, bought it back to the market twice as much as I bought it. I am really interested in business and becoming a young female entrepreneur. .

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