How the beaches on the South Coast inspired the new Wollongong swimwear fashion brand

When Natalie Croke and Amanda Belkin met at Illawarra Sports High School in the 7th year, they began a friendship and saw them spend many weekends and holidays at Hyam Beach.

As teenagers, they really like the seaside adventures of the South Coast, so they left a lot of memories after they left school and entered the labor market.

Recently, it inspired two 24-year-olds to become swimming suits for ladies fashion designers and launched their first collection in two weeks.
After leaving school, Ms. Crocker went to the FBI Fashion Institute in Sydney and completed her business diploma there. She then went to Wollongong University, where she graduated in marketing and advertising and now works at Waples Marketing.

Ms. Bergin works at a mining company in Unanderra.

They are still close friends after school. One day, when Ms. Birkin explained the difficulty of finding a bikini top on her, the two decided to become entrepreneurs and start their own business and swimwear fashion brands.

They don’t have to work very hard to find a name for their business. Hyams Beach Swim was launched on October 1st and the Golden Days collection is the first swimwear collection.

Fashion designers are always ahead. So when they launched their first collection in the summer of 2018/19, two friends and business partners were developing their next series.

Combining the fashion shoots of the Golden Day series at Hyams Beach last weekend, Ms. Crocker and Ms. Birkin are very busy.

However, their combination of business and leisure is not that feeling.

“This collection is inspired by the endless white sand and crystal water found in Jervis Bay, Jervis Bay,” Ms. Crocker said.

“It pays tribute to our young people, who grew up on the South Coast, spend their days on the beach, ride our favorite ATV, and survive on hot sandwiches. Our “Golden Years”.”

“In the process of growing up, Amanda, whose cup size is 12E, has never found a swimmer’s top, providing support and style at a cost-effective price. Therefore, our designs have adjustable shoulder straps, laces and thick straps. Support materials to ensure that we serve women of all shapes and sizes.

“Our product range will exceed $120. We are very excited about the launch in less than two weeks.”

Ms. Crocker said that the first series is available in all sizes from S to XL to meet the needs of the F Cup.

The aim is to provide a more diverse range of sizes for the following series.

“Our goal is to make swimwear that makes women of all shapes and sizes look comfortable. We offer styles and support for high quality fabrics.”

Ms. Crocker said that everyone who took part in the filming at Heims Beach last weekend came from the South Coast.

The 75% collection is made from eco-friendly fabrics.

The material used in the swimwear collection is Italian fabric made from recycled fishing net VITA. Or the American fabric called Repreve, a recyclable high-quality performance fabric.

After ordering the swimwear, the customer will receive it in an eco-friendly printed fabric drawstring bag.

“Our manufacturer is headquartered in Indonesia,” Ms. Crocker said.

“They fulfill corporate social responsibility, pay higher than the minimum wage, and provide free medical services to employees.

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