Alexandra Ambrosio shows off her green bikini killer body on Instagram

Nearly two decades later, Alexandra Ambrosio may have hung her wings, but that doesn’t mean she will slow down very quickly. The 37-year-old model and actress came to her Instagram on Monday, indicating that she can rock a vintage high waisted bikini better than ever before, posting her photo in a two-piece emerald green, highlighting her gorgeous figure. .
In an instant, the former Victoria’s Secret Angel wears a straight-cut bikini, paired with almost no bottom, highlighting the mother of two slim, fit bodies. The bikini has an interesting texture that makes it look sparkling and fun. Dad’s family actress leaned against the leather chair because she was holding a glass of juice that seemed to be ice cubes. The Brazilian beauty paired her bikini with a gorgeous floral print beach cover that hangs from her shoulder. To complete her look, Ambrosio is swinging the stylish tones and pulling her hair into a messy, random bun tied with red accessories.
Based on the geo-tagging of the post, the Royal Casino actress is posing for her Stewart Shining at her Santa Monica home, a New York photographer known for her collaboration with actors, musicians and models.
The model seems to be shot during prime time because natural light shines on her from the left, highlighting the skin she kisses in the sun.
“Casa dolce casa,” she used the title of this photo, which means “sweet home” in Italian.
This photo shared with her 9.6 million fans received more than 72,400 likes and more than 360 comments in just a few hours. Fans wrote in countless languages, including English, German, Filipino, Italian and Her native language is Portuguese.
“Unbelievable baby,” one of her English-speaking fans wrote, and the other added, “You look amazing.”
Ambrosio announced that she will retire after 17 years after Victoria’s Secret 2017 Shanghai Fashion Show. Ambrosio first walked the VS runway in 2000, when she was only 20 years old.
But she did not show signs of slowing down. According to the “Daily Mail” report, just last week, Ambrosio reshaped underwear because she celebrated her new collection and collaborated with Las Canna. Her fall collection includes a range of lace bras and undergarments as well as one-piece, thong and crochet bikinis.
In addition to her series, the model also uses her extra free time with her family, especially her daughter Anja, 10 years old and son Noah, 6 years old.

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