How To Choose Women’s Platinum Jewellery

Platinum jewellery is inexhaustible if you’re striving for perfection. It’s the ideal gift for a Valentine’s Day celebration. This pure metal, which is naturally white, does not tarnish or wear away over time and lasts indefinitely.

Each piece of platinum jewellery comes with a Quality Assurance Card and is stamped inside with the purity hallmark “Pt 950.”

Precious platinum is the ideal choice for today’s woman since it is gorgeous, adaptable, and elegant while still possessing hidden strength and resilience. Choosing precious platinum is a great method to show off your uniqueness, power, and sense of style. This article will address any queries you could have about platinum jewellery.

Before we start answering the questions let’s take a look at some of the characteristics to consider when shopping for beautiful platinum jewellery.


Platinum is indestructible and has an eternal brightness. Platinum is the most secure and protective metal due to its unrivalled durability and resistance to wear, ensuring that your jewellery is safe for a lifetime of use. Platinum does not change shape or wear away, ensuring that valuable stones are retained in place. Platinum is more durable than other jewellery metals due to its density.


Platinum is a pure metal that is naturally white and gentle on the skin. Because platinum is a naturally white metal, it will not impart any colour to a diamond. Platinum, which is usually 95 per cent pure (compared to 18 karat gold, which is 75 per cent pure), never fades or tarnishes and retains its original white colour for a lifetime.


Platinum is a rare metal that has been desired by powerful people for millennia. Platinum is 30 times rare than gold and can only be found in a few areas on the planet. Platinum jewellery is rare, a statement of individuality, and sought by the well-heeled.


Platinum is a versatile metal with exceptional properties that have led to incredible applications. The world’s greatest jewellers, from Fabergé to Cartier, have always chosen to work with platinum. Because of its extraordinary flexibility, it can be dragged out to a fine wire, allowing the fabrication of exquisite platinum mesh accessories that would be impossible to create with other precious metals.


Platinum’s strength outperforms both gold and silver, ensuring that your most valuable diamonds and jewels are safe and secure. Platinum is one of the most durable, long-lasting, and dense metals. In fact, a piece of jewellery made of 90% pure platinum weighs 60% more than a piece of 14-karat gold of the same size.

 Platinum Purity

Platinum jewellery is inherently hypoallergenic due to its great purity, making it an ideal choice for persons with delicate skin. Platinum jewellery is often 85 to 95% pure platinum in the United States. 14-karat gold, on the other hand, is just 58.3 per cent pure gold. Only “Platinum,” “Pt,” or “Plat” jewellery includes at least 95 per cent pure platinum. 999 for 99.9% pure platinum, 950 for 95 per cent, and so on can be used to indicate platinum content. In the United States, jewellery having less than 50% pure platinum is not allowed to be marked with the term “Platinum” or any abbreviation of the word.

Platinum Longevity

Platinum’s endurance makes it excellent for everyday use, as it loses very little metal over the course of a lifetime. Platinum jewellery develops a natural “patina” over time, which may be repolished to bring it back to dazzling, white brilliance.

Platinum & Other Metals

What is the distinction between white gold and platinum?

Platinum is a typically white metal with a beautiful lustre that will never fade. Yellow gold is used to make a white gold alloy. White gold has a similar appearance to platinum, but it frequently requires re-plating to keep its white colour, which adds to the cost.

What is the best way to tell whether a piece of jewellery is platinum?

Every piece of platinum jewellery is hallmarked. A sign or mark must be included on a piece of jewellery to show that it is made of high purity platinum. The following is the mark to look for in India:

How can I tell the difference between platinum and other white metals?

Because platinum is denser than gold, a ring composed of platinum instead of gold would be around 40% heavier.

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