Instagram Queen Laci Kay Somers Flaunts Stunning Bikini Body in the Latest Snap, Preps for Birthday Celebrations

The former Playboy model Laci Kay Somers has perfected the perfect pouty look and sexy look that makes her Instagram fans crazy. Somers often show off their clumsy assets on social media pages, and has joked that she is also researching a lot of new music, just released another amazing shot that has caught a lot of attention.

As Inquisitr has detailed before, Laci Kay Somers has a romantic relationship with professional golfer Tiger Woods for a period of time. She denied knowing that Woods had ever had any form of quarrel with him, but it was easy to understand why some people would think she would be his type based on her typical Instagram post.
Somers know how to rock bikini, she did it again in a new post on Wednesday afternoon. Although Laci often shares her photos from the side or back, she can show off her curved loot, this latest snap is exactly her front. Even without her derriere lens, it is a squeaky portrait showing a lot of curves.
In this photo, Somers wore a mini camouflage swimming suits for ladies. One of her hands rested under the strap at the bottom, a high-cut style that showed her curved hips and slender waist. As for the bikini top, it will definitely be tested because it is full of Laci’s rich assets.
In this photo, you can see Laci’s navel ring. Her makeup is quite simple, her lips are pink, and her eyes look subtle. Somers’ signature blonde lock pulled back from her face, and loose waves came down from her shoulders.

In this latest post, it seems that Somers is advertised her public Snapchat page and speeds everyone up for her upcoming birthday. Laci pointed out that her birthday was only two days and she will travel to Miami, Florida to celebrate with her staff.

Somers’s playful Instagram posts have caught 10 million followers on social media sites, and it looks like they are crazy about the camouflage bikini. In less than 30 minutes, more than 60,000 fans liked this post. Laci grabbed nearly 2,000 comments during the same time period, and this latest look does have an impact on those who like the former Playboy model.

Laci Kay Somers is currently working on some projects, and her fans are not satisfied. She teased the 2019 calendar through her Instagram story and will ship soon, and her fans know she is also recording in the studio. No matter what the busty Instagram Queen shares, her fans are wild, they are always anxiously waiting to see the next step.

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