Summer Classic Swimsuit

Although we had prepared a wardrobe for months before summer arrived, now that the season is officially coming, we still feel we can wear another swimsuit (one or two). Whether you’re lucky enough to plan a trip somewhere near the seaside or plan to spend most of the summer next to your apartment building pool with a good book your tired swimsuit collection will do. Of course we can use the elevator-we’re here to inspire. Unlike most fashion events, swimsuits do seem to stand the test of time, as we continue to draw inspiration from the past few decades. When you’re looking for a perfect waterproof look to add to your collection, think about the 1940s, when we went deep into the history of swimwear (yes, favorite swimsuit). It’s all about high-waisted bikini pants and a non-fat bracteole.
What’s the best age for you? String is the name of the game here. In guiding this retro style, consider bright colors and bold wreaths. We look forward to the world’s Janperkins (jane birkins) French bikini style, which is classic, but has a subtle floral smell-a touch of elegance, if you like. Sportswear is (and still is) popular-think tank bikini and sports mail order. Look for thick straps and bold colors to a stylish-functional trend that will certainly turn the head around. Early gold exposed more skin than ever before lower rider bottom and classic string top. Whether you go surfing, more coverage or a slightly better choice, it’s all about showing off your middle.

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