The Beach Capsule You Need

There is no doubt that the beach is the best day. Whether you are someone who likes to bathe in the waves or who likes to dig deep into the pages, wearing the right clothes for seaside days will make you better off. In other words, it should be better to be lazy in the sun. Don’t need much equipment planning, that’s why we designed a beach capsule wardrobe for you. Don’t get me wrong, because we like a nice beach suit with instagram. but for those moments when you’d rather pack your handbag and walk towards the water, we’ve got you. We’ll keep it simple this summer. From a chic point of view. Wearing swimsuits over and over to the classic straw hat to keep you cool, and with some central necessities, this space capsule wardrobe will ensure a chic, well-fitting swimsuit that looks suitable for any beach event.

1.A flowing cover-up will be perfect for the hottest of beach days. Available in sizes 12 to 24.

2.A shirtdress makes for the perfect beach cover-up. Available in sizes 34 to 40.

3.Throw this over your swimsuit and you’ll have a full look for those post-beach margaritas. Available in sizes XS to L.

4.Channel your inner ballerina at the beach. Available in sizes XS to L.

5.This bikini is so flattering. Available in sizes XS to L.

6.So many trends in one bikini. Available in sizes DK 34 to DK 42.

7.The cutest crop top for all your summer needs. Available in sizes S to M.

8.These will be the coolest pair of sunglasses you own.


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