The cheap couple asked the guests to pay for their wedding.

A groom in England invited guests to pay for his wedding.

In the “business model” by Ben method Zina design, the groom to the guests to pay more than $250 in their big day in June 2018.

The 33 year old, along with his partner, Clare Moran, sold it a bit like an all inclusive holiday to their guests – – “people always pay a lot of money for weddings.”

The wedding will include three nights accommodation in the Villa Hotel knockerdown Ashbourne in Derbyshire, near Manchester. The couple invited 60 guests.

The couple, who bought the house before Farina proposed, are trying to figure out the funds for the wedding, saying the money will include accommodation, food and drinks, the use of spa and swimming pool, according to derby.

The groom defended his decision, saying it was like spending the weekend for their guests.

“The knockerdown Lodge provides us with a package that caters to all the guests throughout the weekend, so we don’t pay any travel expenses,” he said.

“Everyone comes on Friday and goes home on Monday. It’s their weekend vacation.”

The guests will spend the weekend at the villa, 200 dollars per person. So they can use hot springs, swimming pools, food and drinks.

“We have a package that says you rent a villa and the wedding site is included.”

“It’s like when you have a party, the owner tells you that if you spend so much at the bar, you get the venue free of charge.”

“We don’t charge guests to pay for our wedding – we tell them to pay for their stay.” We told our guests that if you wanted to come, it would cost you so much money.”

“We have to pay registration fees, cheap swimming suits fees, food and dress fees.”

“The wedding is a wonderful way,” Moran told Broadcasting British Corporation”.

“We’ve talked about marriage, because we have a little girl together,” she said. “I always say we can’t afford it, or have to be a marriage registry, not a big wedding.”

“It’s a wonderful way. I can’t wait.”  He has considered a lot.”

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