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When you think of the beach and the beautiful bikini, there is nothing more imaginable than Bruna Malucelli, the native Brazilian and swimsuit designer. So who could create a new swimsuit collection better than native Brazilian and swimsuit designer Bruna Malu Celli? Malu Celli’s eponymous brand has long been a highlight of the body’s positive conversation, working with large women to help her bring her designs to women of all sizes. Video: now the brain, wit and beauty behind raisman 12 and mega babe, the beauty brand, has long been an advocate of the truth in the beauty and fashion world. No photoshop, no hypocrisy; she won’t have it, which makes her perfect for true swimming cooperation. “what’s interesting is that I get a lot of information from women who are six or eight tall and who are struggling with body image,” Stulino said. “if women who are closer to the physical ideal of the media are not satisfied with their weight, who can? That’s why I told women ‘nobody cares what you look like i
n the pool. No one is looking at you. I wish you were that way. That’s why I told women ‘nobody cares what you look like in the pool.’ You really went to the gym this winter. You are the only one who punishes yourself, so stop. Buy your favorite swimsuit. Stop worrying about fat or things you can’t change. Enjoy the beach! “this is the second time we’ve done it in a high-size fitness series!” “when we started scaling up, it was very organic,” says Malu Celli. Katie’s feedback on our last collection was amazing! She’s the one who told us! “coedition’s Brooke Quentif (brooke cundiff), and the rest is history. Brooke came up with the idea of a collaboration, and the next day we started to develop it. “relevance: how do I get body-confidence without losing weight,” Katie introduced me to Bruna, and I fell in love with her design, co-founder (cundiff) said.
A lovely peppermint bikini “Katie is a great advocate of physical positivity and size inclusiveness.” Our covede mission is to create a platform for women over the age of 10 who are served in the traditional retail market. Our values fit perfectly with Katie, and we want to work with designer bruna malucelli to create a unique, likable design. We hope all women will like it. “- cundif Politeness $229 Pink Dream” this couab and brand direction means the whole world to me, just like me. It feels like we’re not just swimming suits. We are celebrating women and their bodies, giving them confidence, which is very important now. I really believe that fashion is on a new path and the brand is becoming more inclusive. “-Mariuseli $229, a chic striped postman. “We didn’t really turn our beauty into women, and I think that’s why Katie and other customers like us.” We changed the style pattern to make it comfortable in size, but kept style and everything else. I think the size of the swimsuit looks a lot like the size only, and the girl with the curve just wants to look like everyone else and have the same buying options as the others. Bikini don’t have to scream “I’m made for big size!” It just needs to fit perfectly and looks good. “- Malucelli


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