Arizona State University entrepreneurs create swimwear brands for all sizes

HourGlass Swimwear focuses on solving the problem that women can’t find a fit swimsuit
George said she was inspired to create the brand to help women who are not suitable for small and typical sizes, and many stores have limited their choices.

“I can fit people in the shape of pears, apples, bananas or hourglasses,” she said.

George said she plans to make customers more personalized by using an app or fit-quiz to find the best shape and size for the customer.

“We need to sell to consumers in the way they need it, and there aren’t too many products on the market for larger bra sizes,” she said.

In addition to fit, George said, customers can look forward to materials that flatten the stomach and lift it to the back.
In April last year, George also had a certificate of entrepreneurship and innovation, participated in the Entrepreneur Devils Demo Day and other student entrepreneurs. She is one of the winners of the Edson Student Entrepreneurship Program and received $8,500 in funding to help start her own business.

Through Venture Devils, students showcase their ideas and pair them with mentors who guide them through branding and build key connections in the business world.

Risk instructor Lynn Whitman partnered with George in 2017 to help her become a reality HourGlass Swimwear.

“Everyone is excited about this concept,” Whitman said. “The idea of ​​putting on a fitted swimsuit is revolutionary.”

More than 15 brand ambassadors, women who like this concept and want to support HourGlass, have already been exposed to her – and all this is after seeing the prototype.

George said: “The concept and invention of swimsuits are sustainable in the retail environment, not mashups.”

George said she hopes to open an online booking by the end of 2018 or early 2019.

Maddison Fitzsimmons is a senior major in criminology and criminal justice, and was the model of George’s Risk Devil Demo Day earlier this year. In addition to being her model, Fitzsimmons was a supporter of HourGlass from the beginning.

Fitzsimmons said: “I am very happy to be a reality, not only for glutinous rice but also for others.” “I think this will be very influential and will definitely soar.”

Fitzsimmons said that her past swimwear shopping process is like many women, it is difficult to find the perfect match.

“This will benefit many women,” she said. “We have been working hard to find something that fits our bottom and top half. With this, we can do that.”

Editor’s Note: Previous versions of this story incorrectly pointed out buyers involved in the brand. The article has been updated to reflect this change.

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