HOLYDAY swimsuit takes you to the beach

The newcomer HOLYDAY showed the smallest and chic swimming suits for ladies. Founded by longtime friends Yasmine Hottary and Eugenie Radopoulos (who went to high school in Greece), the idea of ​​creating their own swimwear brand last year was just sitting on a beautiful Greek beach.
Since then, they have created a route that exudes a happy summer vacation, taking you away from the stressful urban life, but sending you directly to the white sand beaches and clear blue waters. Each design is highly valued and has a modern and timeless appeal. Whether it’s a bikini or a single piece, they are handmade, produced locally and sustainably, and support Greek fashion manufacturers and their skilled craftsmen.

“For us, the holidays are actually holy days, and we want our customers to be beautiful and comfortable. Our collection includes modern swimming pieces that can be worn on the beach or as part of the island’s dinner equipment.”
Tell us about your brand… HOLYDAY was launched in Greece in 2018. After spending a few years in Paris and Montreux in the summer of 2017, sitting on the beach near Athens, we decided to launch HOLYDAY. We want to turn our familiar and loved lifestyle into a successful business. Our home country Greece is an important inspiration for us because it gives us beautiful images and experiences, we want to integrate into our brand. We chose not to pass this inspiration to the brand’s traditional aesthetics, but to make everything that local support for Greek manufacturers in a country’s rather difficult time. This allows us to pay close attention to quality and work with our manufacturers to turn all our crazy ideas into reality!

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