Picture pawfect or crazy? Animal lovers, now at Bikinis nightclub, bag pets, print photos, towels, and even smuggle Parrots

It’s perfectly normal to treat your pet like it, it’s your own child.


A strange new level but Australian swimwear company take pets provide beach with your favorite animal appears in front of the.

Custom cheap swimming suits vendor petflair has wagged its tail to Bikinis nightclubs, bags, towels, pet print photos, smuggled parrots and accessories as part of a very wacky fashion trend.


Pet lovers want their forever friends to display snapshots in colored people on the beach, or in the pool, which can be ordered from their mobile phones.

Petflair, the recently launched Kickstarter web site, is owned by three Sydney entrepreneurs and print their pet designs from European suppliers.


Co founder Taylor, who played Australian water polo and invented Petflair after his cheap swimming suits business, was asked to print a dog in a swimsuit last year.

Customers just need to capture photos of their mobile devices, and these furry friends upload pictures, petflair and choose a color and pattern.

25% of sales come from the stunning new cheap swimming suits fashion, a charity that helps relocate pets in death row.


Hilarious petflair snapshot shows the model’s product as its beloved pet, while wearing cheap swimming suits and towels match.

Some popular pet choices are unique swimwear trends, including dogs, cats and rabbits.

Petflair has raised more than $10000 from their Kickstarter page, promising customized items for all those who promise cash if they reach $15000 goals.


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