The Swimwear company CEO positions the actual photos with Instagram, highlighting the editorial powers

Every morning, a few minutes after waking up, many smartphone users feel glum about the social media, and are more comfortable with their unrealistic image of their own feed.

Such a routine inspires Karina, Irby, Moana, Bikini, CEO, and says it causes positive change through Instagram.


“Every morning I wake up, though I personally Instagram rolling feed and spy,” the girl posted her unrealistic image. I followed the girl depicted in these cheap swimming suits images have great followers, often with the young girl looked at them as an example, hundreds of thousands, “the 27 year old Australian Title She after September 4th, it has the virus.

As I scroll through the reviews, I find young girls putting on goals for their friends, and “Oh, my God, why don’t I? They look like you, like everyone, “Irby wrote.

In order to highlight the power of digital correction and boost her body’s enthusiasm, she put up her own photos on the cheap swimming suits. The first image was natural, followed by what she called the classic Insta girl editor corrected.”


With her Irby, her skin, scar and cellulite, enlarge and raise the buttocks, sucking her belly and back, and her breast and refined her arm, waist and neck, to achieve the ideal expectations.

23000 love and nearly 400 essays, Irby closed a vigorous development, told the fans that she does not speak, play the “bad girl”, “I just want to # inspire you to love yourself and stop comparing yourself unrealistic picture,” she said. “Let’s be realistic.”


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