Anemone is a new swimwear collection inspired by one of the minimalist dresses of Kate Moss in the 90s

When Lauren Arapage and Joshua Shaub began to brainstorm their new swimwear brand Anemone, they all fell on the exact same image. Comparing their personal mood boards, they found that they were pinning Kate Moss’ photos with Calvin Klein in a minimalist soft yellow dress around 1995. Shaub said: “Since then, we have been seeing more photos of Kate Moss since the 1990s.” “Simple dresses at the time really seem to reflect what we want to do with our swimming lines and almost seamless style. So.. Just last week, they launched their line of fashion hand-embroidered bikinis and one-piece suits limited to Moda Operandi, where Shaub used to be a buyer (Arapage worked at Stella McCartney’s press office). Just somewhere for a holiday, the price of a swimsuit is between $200 and $300, and will be available on the Anemone website, which will be launched next month.

“From the earliest brainstorming, we know that what we want will feel eternal, but also modern,” Shaub explained. “What we want can provide more skin, but it sticks out in a tasteful way,” he added. “We looked at the swimming bodies in Brazil and Italy, and how big they are with the silhouette that Americans love. The difference. In the end, this led to our thicker bottom and the small cup at the top of our ceiling. “The whole collection is mix and matched and comes with a pair of jeans or shorts. These works are all made in Los Angeles, and Shaub and Arapage are now full-time production, although the fabrics come from Italy. “These materials are environmentally friendly and offer UV 50+ protection,” Shaub noted.

Essentially, Anemone is a Southern California brand that pays tribute to the surfing and beaches that the two designers grew up. Although Kate Moss was the main source of inspiration for Shaub and Arapage during her wandering period, they also saw the bright colors of the Ellsworth Kelly painting Méditerranée. The name Anemone was born from their favorite flower, and their embroidery has similar characteristics, as well as poppies, buttercups and daffodils. “We realized that for our generation, there was no Eres like our mother,” Shaub said about the hole they wanted to fill the vast swimming market. “We want to create a classic and cool swimwear collection.”

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