Duskii takes an active swimwear from the northern Beach’s big names, including Hadid

It’s on the shell beach, Patreece Botheras, 40, thinking of her wholesale swimwear brand, including Carly Klaus and Gigi Hadid, now wearing.

A mother of two has returned from Hongkong four years ago with her husband, Colin, diagnosed with cerebral palsy because of her youngest daughter, Poppy.

And former property management agent, was a full-time mother, Colin work at HSBC, want to do something for yourself again.wholesale-swimwear

Despite her inexperience, she decided to go into fashion.

“Fashion is always on my mind,” she said.

“I remember sitting at Shirley beach, and there’s something else, not the little Bikinis nightclub”.

“I began to do research wholesale swimwear, study cutting and style, and I know that only a luxury swimsuit brand gap is chic, stylish, but functional.”

Botheras, who has another daughter, Darcey, 8, admits it is a risk, but uses her risk to go back to Asia to study the factory, save the savings, and set the focus group to measure the benefits.

Her company, duskii, was born – and designers – help – but at the beginning, things went wrong.

“We have the wrong colors,” she said. “It was really hard to communicate with factories in the early days.”

Fast forward and Botheras, who lived in what is now called the Mosman rolls, some of the world’s largest celebrity as an important customer service of neoprene.

While some celebrities have been designer to bud swimsuit, others include Lister, Karlie, Kloss, and put themselves.

“Their time to pinch me,” she said. “We’re almost full of her wearing – we see a huge spike dress.”

Botheras has just shown in the world’s largest swimsuit event, tour Miami.

She picked up eight of buyers are keen to share her wholesale swimwear brand, adding stores in Asia and the United States including Manhattan, Santa Monica, San Francisco and Hamptons.

The designer’s website includes Net-A-Porter and Harvey, and Nichols also sells duskii. She quickly added her base Allambie height to her warehouse in Hongkong.


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