I left my office work, the Uzi Bikinis Club

Bikinis nightclub can bring back your sexy, good one worth investing.

Despite the cold weather, Joan Aoko is at work every day, setting new trends in the town.

The 25 year old has long been involved in spinning. Recently, she decided to concentrate on cheap good quality bikinis.cheap-good-quality-bikinis

“It’s a hobby. I learned to knit my mother. I will design these things after school, and my friends encourage me to take them seriously. “I used to make all kinds of knitting clothes, including bags, clothes, sweaters and scarves, but my present job is entirely in cheap good quality bikinis,” she told Nairobian.

In terms of international relations and diplomacy, the graduates of the University of Massachusetts say she is not suitable for office work. No wonder she quit her job and paid attention to the crochet hook after two months.

“I’m more interested in doing this job than going to the office,” she says.

She founded the company in 2015 in Kisumu, but the demand is high, especially from customers in Nairobi, so she moved her business here. Knitting a bikini is labor-intensive because she does everything from production, design, to delivery.

Aoko buys yarn from a local store and can get two sets of Bikinis nightclubs in a day.

“I have to measure the size of the client, and then choose design, color, and other specifications,” she said.

Customers can also order directly from Joan’s social media page. Although she is now selling her own works online, she hopes to set up a store in the city.

She ranges from SH1500 to sh3000, depending on design and quality.

So far, reception has been going well, especially among young women between the ages of 18 and 35, and even some men who want to give presents to their loved ones.

Aoko has worked with some celebrities, such as rapper, Fermi and Noti Flow. Blogging is also an important part of her marketing strategy.

Aoko introduced the fun and art of her cheap good quality bikinis.

“For girls who like to travel and show off their bodies on the beach, they are perfect,” she explains.”

“It’s hard to find them in the market, so they’re unique, besides beauty and fashion.”

The absorption has been very good, sometimes Qingzi refused orders, due to the high demand.

“I can play sh65000 in a month, but I know I’m not the operator.” Hopefully I can expand as soon as possible, increase production, and hire some people to help with the design. “Of course, the biggest goal is to go global,” she says.

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