The Right Skirts For Thick Girls

Meta Description: Thick girls have curvaceous bodies that are heavy in a few more areas than others’. Here are some tips on what to look for the next time you go on a skirt-shopping spree, in accordance with your gorgeous body type.

1. An Apple A Day…

Apple-shaped ladies usually have quite the round midsection. Hence, contrary to popular belief that the tighter the dress, the more appealing it is— it may not be the case this time around. Instead, wear something comfortable (but not too loose), trumpet skirts or ones that are semi-empire will give your waistline a better look.

2. Bottom Heavy

There are those who are heavier from the hips down. Pear-shaped, as they’re defined. Some have luscious bums. Others have to-die-for hips. The rest have juicy thighs and calves. If you’re feeling like these body parts can be put more under the limelight for a bit, then opt for skirts that are high-waisted. Accentuate that figure-8 waist. Also, avoid chunky, pleated skirts. Form-fitting ones will suit you best.

3. When Rectangle Is The New Shape

Straight-silhouetted or rectangular-shaped women can create the illusion of curves by choosing skirts that are, as in #2, high-waisted and have volume and (trumpet skirts, flares, etc). The point is to have the appearance of a booty-ous hip and a shapely waist. So poofy, layered, and flared skirts will be great.

4. Shape – Eight

People tend to think that having an hourglass shape means you should always wear a super-tight-fitting dress that doesn’t allow you to breathe, bend, and overall move well. This isn’t so. Did you know that to have a holistically sexied-up look, sometimes, it not always about choosing something body-hugging. Bandage dresses are great for formals. But on a day-to-day basis, pencils skirts will be your best friend.

5. Inverted Triangles

For this body shape, it will be good to keep the focus away from your body’s upper half. In contrast, accentuate your lower half. This means that skirts which create bulk from the hips down are an excellent choice. We’re talking A-lines, pleated skirts, and high-waists possibly accessorized with a belt.

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