The best swimwear brand to buy this summer

Tired of returning to the same swimsuit label in the summer? You’re in luck. A new group of exciting new brands are already on the scene, just in time for our vacation. Here’s what you need to know now…


This seems to be the natural founder Megan Balch and Jaime Barker they love most beach named after their swimwear brand: locally known as flagstaff in Palm Beach, Florida. As a paradise for swimming and surfing, two people are inspired by the gap between swimming, sports and ready to wear, creating a brand that caters to “living outside the beach”.


Hite swimwear sculpture movement as method. The cuts in Brazil brands are always interesting, sometimes daring, not timid.

How to buy swimwear

Wear clothes and go shopping when you go swimming. Bring on your skirt, pants, or shorts that you can wear on the beach. Avoid wearing large shorts (so you don’t see them when trying to bottom).

Allow at least one hour to try enough, or email ahead of time. The store staff are there to help you, you can choose before you arrive.

Regular tests fit: remove removable straps and take a walk in the changing room.

Choose your shape first, then choose your favorite color, texture, or printed matter. Swimsuit design has different body shapes, if you have any questions, you can ask the clerk’s opinion.


Founded in 2015 by the combination of Fiona and Rupert, Bower offers luxurious swimwear with an ethical and sustainable slant. Many of its fabrics are made from recycled fishing nets, and with the use of the process, it creates as little waste as possible, contributes to a safe environment, and a swimming suit at a time.


Araks began with lingerie, expanding to swimwear as a result of mass demand 2015. The crew of the ex-j designers are concerned about the wonderful fit, streamlined contours and bold colors. Its stylish editor of the beach’s Secret weapon.

Arabella London

The capital isn’t the obvious swimsuit center, but the Arabella London ignores convention. Very chic, 4 colors and classic alternative, swimwear, with a “signature convex curve”, created a “pull” to avoid or bikinis (is to hit you and I will make you a) inside the Ursula Andress step closer to you.


After the atomic bomb explosion at the bikini South Pacific test site, two arrived at the scene 1946. Lewis R ARD, a French designer who wants to create a free alternative, reflecting the postwar free swimsuit, the first to showcase the newspaper to print a tiny bikinis in the fish of Tenebrio molitor in Paris.

Well off, is a person (surprised), and R ARD continue to sell swimsuit in Paris boutique for the next 40 years. Now, after more than 30 years of sleep, R is back. Experience of swimsuit designer C e line under the watchful eye of Adler, see R ARD to restart the interpretation of the classic smart, and signature suits, natural.

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