Why follow Kardashian home, CB?

“You must always be aware of your customers, who they are, who they were listening,” asserted CB founder Conna Walker’s house, in the women’s clothing brand design studio and the head office of the company, in the shopping center of East London Westfield Stratford City’s flagship store on the face of dazzling.

“Kardashian is a huge me.”. Once they begin to wear CB’s house, they put us on the map, and we have other celebrities to contact, saying, ‘this product is a stimulant.

No foreign investment, seven years after the old house has grown into a brand, will profit 2017 e 9m (although Walker did not disclose the departure). The company has no debt – all profits are reinvested – it has opened six stores in the past four years, despite a retail expansion.

Much of its success is due to its celebrity following. And Kardashian, in the form of bodycon fitting dress and tights high-profile fans, including Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce E and model Hailey Baldwin, Gigi, Bella, Hadid. Social media and celebrity gifts – often knocking at 78 doors to the right person – are central to their growth strategy.

“We chose to work with us girl, said:” a Walker in printed in smart clothes, jacket and patent leather boots boots sister brand Valentine rock, which is composed of CB to sell the house. “They’re all more than 20 year old girls, and our [[customer] types are interested.”

Sales of CB’s house is very interesting, because the brand use different ethnic backgrounds, “said Anusha Couttigane, senior analyst at Kantar retail. “Historically, the fashion movement is very homogeneous, but today’s customers are demanding that the CB house really attracts customers, and it attracts the core customers of retailers.”

“Price positioning suits thousands of customers who are looking for quality, and some people are willing to pay more, more affordable product moves.”. In fact, everything was designed inside London, which meant they could defend the price.”

Walker explained: “I like the brand to be quite organic, not to be pushed down by people’s throats.”.”. “Although prices are not too high [clothes are usually retail between 100 and 150 pounds], it still considers labels to be luxuries. You won’t see us in the tube. Everything must be in the brand’s voice, so shoppers know that this is our product, wherever they see it.

Mark Ashton, women’s business’s little hostess Group CEO, mu CB marketing style: “they are sleek, I respect how they protect their brand, and they rarely discount.”. They have good exposure, but they are not as aggressive as other brands, and how impressive they are to maintain the air they crave and to be able to afford it.”

Sofie Willmott, senior retail analyst in the research, said the difference from CB has better quality house prices, fast fashion competitors a little higher: “it has a strong product and it is easy to identify handwriting. Compared with other brands, their offer is very low, but they are loyal to target customers.

Walker said she would eventually like to add more lifestyle to soft furnishings and accessories and plan to wholesale non clothing products.

“We don’t wholesale. At the moment I don’t want to dilute the brand, but I want to wholesale swimwear, shoes, accessories and household items.”. I would like to expand our offer and promote the brand without affecting the core apparel sector.

Compared with the same period last year, sales have increased by 35% this year. Self confessed control freak Walker says businesses grow at a comfortable pace in their own way.
At first, many people do not take me seriously, it is difficult to respect. But the entire brand is self financing, I have no debt, no investors. I grew up in a way that made me comfortable, and I was able to deal with it. We did not explode overnight.”

Walker’s biggest challenge comes from the leading company’s brand 2014. “We are more revealing – – not our very modest present,” she said with a smile. These clothes look brighter than our current neutral palette. I lost confidence in customer demand and sales began to decline. For me, it was an important moment, because I learned never to stop listening.

The young fashion market is becoming more crowded, but the house CB seems to carve its niche in a style that adheres to style and focuses on quality products at a higher price point rather than a throwaway fashion”.

If the enterprise can translate this winning strategy into a new product category, then the CB consumer won’t buy it. Retail stores need to be careful when opening new stores, because rents are too high and prices hurt many other retailers. However, Walker may be young, but she is certainly not reckless.

So far, the founder’s approach is to use online sales data to extend the target to areas where customer needs are available and to allow the site to complete the rest of the work. Compared to some of its peers, the company has been in trouble, but a slow and steady approach, and investors do not have any pressure to return, may become one of the most successful cases of sustainable British streets.


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