Several women claim that the swimsuit brand rejected the black model in the cast

Three other models confirmed talbt’s announcement about the swimwear brand’s casting event at Fashion week online, hosting the Miami Swimming week schedule. In an email statement to insiders, Kyya lobbied: “the investigation is under way. Production companies are responsible for foundry phones, “said a source in the kyya pool. Any allegation that the brand itself “eschews the color model” is “completely inaccurate”. Talbott told insiders that the call for .eked swimming in kyya was “all the time” in the fashion industry.

Model Joa Talbot (joia talbott) said she and several other black models were “fired” during a Miami Swimming week audition because of their competition, according to reports. Earlier this week, Talbot described the alleged incident for the first time in a series of videos on instagram. In the current viral clip, the model claims that she and the other black women, 10 to 15, “don’t want anything.” More black models “and” the African frog is a no-no.

Talbot told people familiar with the matter that the incident took place on July 15 at the Miami Swimming week swimsuit brand kya Swimming Show. Talbot clarified that she did see a black model entering the kya swimming room while waiting in line. “she wasn’t there for long, just like everyone else, but she was there,” Talbot said.

But after the model left the room, the casting director was said to “poke his head out of the door” and watch Talbot and several other black models standing in line. Talbot said the director then spoke to the director, who was in charge of showing the models when to enter and leave the room. The woman then picked Talbot, who dyed her natural hair in Africa. “you, your hair. No. ” At this point, she told other models that she would meet them downstairs, Talbot said. But when she was about to leave, the woman who allegedly “picked her out” spoke to the casting director again, and said to the remaining models several times, “stop blackening your skin.” Talbot told insiders that when models pack their belongings and put on their clothes. Their clothes are said to have been the same woman who “waved her arms” and repeatedly said “the actors are closed.” When Talbot and other black models went downstairs, the swimming company said it had restarted calling on the actors. Three other models confirmed Talbot’s bid for kya swimming. In a statement hosting the Miami Swimming week schedule, fashion week, model Kate (kate) confirmed Talbot’s claim. A group of African-American models went down the stairwell and announced that ‘Don’t go upstairs. They said they wouldn’t choose any models with black skin or girls with African frogs. ” She said she was taking part in the kya Swimming draft.

Hello, my name is Clare b, “Nefertaritariv”, I was one of the models in the popular photo taken after kya swam refused to see Black Girl again! The whole swimming week has been a great experience for me, and I firmly believe that this work does not discriminate against anyone! The fashion industry has its own rejection, and we professionals are ready. Accept rejection! However, in the case of kya swimming, rejection did not occur. They just don’t want any black skin in their show! I believe kya Swimming (last year’s koa Swimming) claims not to be so, but by posting pictures of the only hybrid model they dropped! A mixed model as the representative of the entire black people, this is very angry. In a community where 10 to 15 models have been abandoned, this is not enough, it is unacceptable! In addition, Kya has shown a clear preference for fairer skin (models), as shown in their photos. For example, there are only a few dark-skinned women, two of whom are celebrities (simone biles and gabrielle union)! I personally boycott kya swimming, and I call the black community to do it. Similarly, we cannot support an enterprise that is clearly discriminatory! ”


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